Radioactive Lounge Episode 164: Winds of Change


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The lunatics take over the asylum as Lucas hands over the producer reins to the rest of the gang...and well, we’ll let you be judge of the results. Lots of talk about guys in rubber suits destroying miniature cities in both film and comics, a little more Future Stating DC’s Future State event and after more than a year waiting, the Marvel Cinematic Universe returns to our small screens with WandaVision.

SHOW NOTES: 00:00 Intro & News 46:59 Reviews - Future State: The New Batman #2 - Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 - UltraMega #1 - Silver Coin #1 - Maestro War & Pax #1 - Giant Days TP Vol 1 1:33:31 Feature: WandaVision Review 1:55:23 BA’s PA

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