Laying the Foundation & Filling Your Cup


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In this episode, I riff on a few different things. Really it’s just a sort of catch up, hey how ya doin’, this is what I’ve been experiencing, maybe you can relate, sort of episode.

Maybe it was the solar eclipse, maybe it’s just because it was time, but I feel I’ve landed in a place I have been en route to for a long time. A mix of sweet relief, excitement, grief, and fear of the unknown are all showing up at the same time.

Still lots of work to do, still lots of action to take in the physical world, but I feel like a vast ocean was crossed and I’ve just landed on the shore.

Ah, life… you gorgeous mess.

A few things I touch on…

  • The impact of the solar eclipse.
  • Releasing pressure on our healing timeline.
  • Creating a superhighway for the Universe.
  • How not bypass the lessons in front of you.
  • Listening to what’s loud.
  • Why we get caught in the shame cycle.
  • Reconnecting to your internal self-healer.
  • Re-establishing trust with your inner wisdom.
  • My appreciation for YOU.
  • My resistance to Human Design and how it facilitated a major shift for me.
  • Trusting the sacral chakra yes and no.
  • Why filling your cup is so crucial.
  • Some BAQ’s (Big Ass Questions).

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