The Parent Trap Movie Recap: The Fran Standard


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Kelly & Molly crack open the prize bucket to bring you sweet zaddy Dennis Quaid in 1998's cinematic masterpiece The Parent Trap. They dish about Nancy Meyers and her thrice-divorced 45-year-old children, Bruce Springsteen appropriating gay hookup culture, boat law, peak Lindsay Lohan, various basterdizations of the Salem Witch Trials, the surprising amount of f*ckin in this children's movie, Chessie's full name, Natasha Richardson's still-devastating death, and that thing with the Handmaid's Tale wine. Look to Apple Podcasts for our upcoming Gal's Guide to Gilead, the Facebook group for important announcements, and Venmo for donating to keep us truckin' on the ice road. Don't forget to recommend us to your friends who are catching up with the Hulu show during hiatus!

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