Learn how a Australian Keto and Collagen brand has exploded just in 2 years - Ep. 36


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In today’s episode I got to hang out with Ally Mellor who is the founder of Locako.

In 2 years Ally has created over 20 lines within the Keto, Low Carb market. Ally is not done there she has a whole new range coming out in 2020.

Ally was one of the first brands to see the Collagen trend, she was one of the very first brands to create a collagen bar which can be found along with her other SKUs in health, independent stores as well as online.

Ally is a real start up and explains her journey so far. It was a huge pleasure to chat to Ally and hear her story and what the future brings.

For now, Switch off, chill out and enjoy episode 36.

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