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What you say matters, of course, but so does HOW you say it, especially on a funnel page. The point of this episode is to show you simple ways to increase the effectiveness of what you're saying.

Whenever I design a funnel, I try to make the copy more consumable through the layout and the page's design.

The purpose of design is not to make a page look pretty but to make a SALE. The design's purpose is to make your copy more consumable. Design is all about HOW you are saying it.

Copy is the expression of marketing, and if people do not read it, they will not buy. The design matters a lot, especially in this era of skimming through content.

That's the real science and art that a true funnel builder brings to the table.

Let's dive in…

Key Takeaways

- Funnel design concepts (00:48)

- How to make your funnel copy more consumable (03:33)

- Design is not being pretty; it's about sales (06:55)

- One call to action per funnel (12:34)

- Make your page more skimmable (15:31)

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