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The SciFi Pubcast is a discussion show with only the finest galactic libations to offer. Come for a drink but stay for the speculation. Our customers have described this place as quirky and with good reason. We endeavour to provide intellectual "bar-style" conversations about themes and topics in science fiction and related genres. We don't take this establishment too seriously, eschewing pretentiousness while not spilling our drinks. We especially like having new people to podcasting come visit us. If you are passionate about something, message us! We need to talk! The bar embraces inclusivity and a variety of voices. Our current staff are: Joel Welch (Twitter: @Joel_Welch) Keri Simpson (Twitter: @keriblackfire42) Derek Beebe (Twitter: @DerekJBeebe) and Randal Graham (Twitter: @Randal_Graham) (casual). Follow the show on Twitter (@SciFiPubcast), on Instagram at SciFiPubcast, and like our Facebook page (@SciFiPubcast)! Episodes are also uploaded to YouTube. Listen responsibly. Please enjoy.

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