12 Myths About Stress (Pt.2)


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‘There are many myths and half-truths around stress that many of us buy into, these can hold us back in our personal development and progress’

Welcome back to The Serial Stress Killer Podcast! Your host, Chris Hackett, continues exploring the myths we are all familiar with surrounding stress! If you missed last weeks episode, go back and listen to the first 6 Myths about stress.

Listen in as Chris shares more evidence connected to each myth and explains the ways you can positively manage stress across a range of situations


  1. Stress is the same for everyone

Stress responses can be emotional, physical or a combination of the two therefore no two individuals will experience stress in the exact same way and will require different needs in order to deal with stress.

  1. “Stress comes from what’s happening in your life”

How you perceive a problem or situation will depend on how you respond to it. We can choose how we react to a situation. The trick is to differentiate between life and death worries from the small and every day niggles.

  1. A drink is an effective way to deal with stress

You may think twice about this is you’re wanting to deal with stress. Alcohol is said to increase the amount of stress hormones that we produce rather than having the opposite effect that we want.

  1. “It’s obvious when someone is stressed out”

There are so many symptoms of stress, some people are very good at hiding it. We can be really good at being stressed but not give out the right signals or reactions for others to recognise it.

  1. “The more successful you are, the more stressed you are”

Stress doesn’t make someone successful, it actually reduces our productivity, creativity and can cause mental exhaustion. If you look at the most successful people in the world, they seem to me as if they’re not very stressed.

  1. By eating right, getting enough sleep and taking care of our bodies we can eliminate our stress.”

It’s often echoed that if we keep physically fit we can deal with any obstacles that life throws at us. However, the fundamental causes of the stress we face can be overlooked. Although doing this cant completely eliminate stress, it can certainly help to deal with it.


“Everyone will have different ways of dealing with stress. Do what works for you. Period.”

“It will only be stressful if you consider it to be stressful.”
If you’re working crazy hours or are exhausted all of the time, those factors are not going to help you feel cool, calm and collected.

“A big drink is perhaps not the best way to deal with stress”

“If you are stressed or feeling stressed then tell someone.”

“You’re more likely to be better equip if we look after ourselves.


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After many years of dealing (badly) with personal stress for over 20 years, Chris Hackett is on a mission to help people understand and overcome stress and anxiety by tackling the problem head-on.


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