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Who likes chocolate?

Did you know that a recent study by the MS Society showed that by simply consuming hot chocolate that’s high in flavinoids, we can help our bodies to work a lot more efficiently, and reduce stress at the same time. Maybe it’s time to change your morning habits?

Listen in as Christopher explains the science behind it...


  • MS is one of the most common causes of serious disability in younger adults. Around 127,000 adults in the UK suffer from it.
  • Flavinoids are substances that can slow or halt the damage to cells by free radicals, which are essentially waste material caused by processing food.
  • If your body can’t process these free radicals efficiently it can lead to all kinds of problems, including heart disease, cancer, strokes and respiratory diseases and many more.
  • Milk chocolate has lots of fat and lots of sugar, which means lots of weight gain. They are also LOW in flavinoids. Dark chocolate, however, is rich in flavinoids. Look for 70% cocoa and above.


‘Oh, two more of you at the back!’

‘Oxidative stress is not great!’

‘100% dark chocolate is an intense chocolate experience!’

‘I’m going to replace my morning coffee with a steaming mug of flavinoid rich chocolate!’

‘You can be a chocolate flavour, flavinoid-fuelled killer’



After many years of dealing (badly) with personal stress for over 20 years, Chris Hackett is on a mission to help people understand and overcome stress and anxiety by tackling the problem head-on.


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