Elemental Heal with Dr Michael Ruscio | Ep. 94


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In today’s episode, Dr Michael Ruscio joins Rebecca as they discuss the Elemental Diet and his new formula, Elemental Heal.


  • What is the Elemental Heal and why did Dr Ruscio create his own formula?
  • How does the Elemental Diet work and why is it a predigested formula?
  • Why does Dr Ruscio combine a partial and full Elemental Diet approach with his patients?
  • When to consider using the Elemental Diet?
  • What is the best way to prepare for the Elemental Diet and then reincorporate foods afterwards?
  • How to use an Elemental Diet as a dietary supplementation?
  • How an Elemental Diet can be used for underweight patients to help them regain weight?


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