Surviving Midlife Divorce: From Disassembly to Resurrection


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Join the Aging GreatFULLy power-hour of enlightenment as we explore our most idealistic envisioning of life, relationships and marriage – and learn that things are not always like the fairy tale we imagined. But if our relationships disappoint, dismantle, end in divorce, we have the incredible capacity to write ourselves into a new and amazing chapter in our storybook of life.
This week, we welcome guest Beverly Willett, author of Disassembly Required: A Memoir of Midlife Resurrection. Disassembly Required is a raw and riveting account of Beverly’s journey from betrayal and devastation to resilience and recovery. This is the story of quiet struggle and persistence as Beverly honestly unveils her journey of facing the discomforts of change and ultimately celebrates the opportunities for transformation.
This show uncovers the reality of facing the shock and struggles of starting over. It also reminds us that the when the life we had imagined doesn’t unfold, we still have the incredible ability and opportunity through resilience to create the life and happily ever after of our dreams!

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