“Welcome to Wildforth" - A Design Agency's First Year - Kenna Smith & Kerry Franz


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Tim Yeadon chats with Kenna Smith (Business Director) and Kerry Franz (Creative Director) the co-founders of Wildforth Creative. Wildforth is a packaging and branding design agency here in Seattle. Kenna and Kerry are strategic thinkers, creative doers, dreamers, problem solvers, and relationship builders.

In this episode Kerry, Kenna, and Tim talk about how their agency got started, the legal side of starting a business partnership, the first year of running an agency, what is the best project management system, and what it’s like to own a business during the COVID pandemic. They also cover how the name ‘Wildforth’ helps Kenna and Kerry to be brave, what they look for when hiring freelancers, charging a client what you are worth, and creating long term relationships with clients. Lastly, Kenna and Kerry talk about the power of women entrepreneurs, and the best things about having a team of women.

Tim Yeadon is the host of Input Doc and the creative director of Clyde Golden. A creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation (earnestly delivered in that order) via Customer Journey programs.

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