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Forest Benedict is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider (SATP), and the author of the book, Life After Lust: Stories & Strategies for Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery. Forest Benedict has taken his practice online! He lives in Washington State but conducts therapy sessions in California, where he is licensed. He discusses how online therapy differs from in-person therapy and what might be the best options for you.


[2:50] Can you do therapy online?

[5:40] Therapists need to consider both the legal and technical part.

[6:45] Dr. Rob struggles with where to look at the patient. Should he look into the camera or on the screen where he sees the patient?

[8:00] What kinds of concerns do patients bring to Forest about having counseling online?

[10:10] What are some of the advantages of doing therapy online?

[12:30] Forest does notice a difference between hosting virtual sessions with older clients vs. younger clients.

[14:45] Dr. Rob recognizes that you’re talking about intimacy issues in a very non-intimate space, meaning, the online world. It’s a bit of a contradiction.

[15:30] Some patients feel like when they go to see a sex addiction therapist in person, they might be outed by someone they know. By doing it online, it can be much more discrete.

[17:30] Because of what’s happening in the world, the therapy world will never be the same again. Therapists are being asked to help in any way they can.

[19:15] Does Forest also do couple’s therapy online?

[21:05] Why did Forest decide to move his business online?

[24:05] Should patients go with an in-person session or an online session if they liked the therapist equally?


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  • “Just because it’s [dealing with technology] difficult or new, doesn’t mean it’s not helpful.”
  • “When I go to recovery meetings, it’s almost always majority men, especially when dealing with intimacy and sex issues. But when you go online, there are all women. They feel safer.”
  • “I would invite you to try an online session to see if it’s a good fit or not.”
  • “The convenience aspect of attending an online session is very different. One client said it was so much more cost-effective and time-effective.”

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