EP135 - Sexual Avoidance with Sari Cooper


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Welcome to episode 135 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I’m excited to welcome Sari Cooper to the podcast. In this episode she speaks to me about sexual avoidance, how it affects relationships and recommendations on how you can better understand and improve upon this issue.

Sari Cooper is the Director of Center for Love and Sex, a group practice specializing in sex therapy and sex coaching based in NYC. She is also the creator of Sex Esteem®️, LLC a company devoted to enriching people’s confidence and knowledge about their own or their kids’ sexuality through talks, webinars and her web show, Sex Esteem®️ with Sari Cooper.

She is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapy Supervisor who is frequently called upon on many media outlets to comment on relationships and sexuality issues. She has appeared on CBS This Morning, Dr. Oz and featured in The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, Bustle, HuffPost and Vice Media.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How do you define sexual avoidance?
  • The implicit actions people take to avoid sex with their partners
  • The ways in which this issue affects relationships
  • How the incest taboo works in relation to this issue
  • The root causes of sexual avoidance
  • Creating spontaneity and excitement to maintain a healthy sex life
  • Reconnecting with the exciting parts of lust from the early stages of a relationship
  • How partners can view hobbies and interests as a threat
  • The need to break out of your comfort zone to explore new aspects of a relationship
  • How pain during sex can play into this issue
  • Recommendations on how to improve sexual avoidance


Web - www.centerforloveandsex.com

Email - sari@centerforloveandsex.com

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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