003 - How Paula’s Mother’s Death Sparked her 25 Pound Weight Loss with a Plant-Based Diet


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Hi Beautiful! Nice to meet you. I’m Coach Ebonie, a.k.a Fit Mom Diva, an international holistic healthy lifestyle coach. Thank you so much for joining me on my healthy lifestyle podcast. I am honored to share women’s experiences and influence busy career women all around the world. My passion and mission is to help millions of modern career women get haute, fit and kick stress to create a body and lifestyle they love! In this episode Paula, a 60 year old woman discusses how her mom’s death in her 30’s motivated her to learn how to replace the soul food she grew up eating with a plant-based diet. She proudly lost 25 pounds and counting in a safe manner for the long-term. She encourages women not to give up even when the weight loss is not as quick as they would like and how to persevere. Her positive spirit and secrets to learn how to make vegetables savory are bound to encourage you to jump on the healthy train too. If you are also interested in sharing your experiences, story, and perspectives on women’s health or know another lady who would please contact me at ebonie@simplicityhealthstyle.com. Don’t forget to get your complimentary clean eating resource guide which will show you how to make a variety of healthy, savory meals in 25 minutes or less by joining my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/nutrition4busywomen).

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