Taylor Shares a Best Practice to Gaining a Stronger Support System in Weak Moments


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Hi Beautiful! Nice to meet you. I’m Coach Ebonie, a.k.a Fit Mom Diva, an international holistic healthy lifestyle coach. Thank you so much for joining me on my healthy lifestyle podcast. I am honored to share women’s experiences and influence busy career women all around the world. My passion and mission is to help millions of modern career women get haute, fit and kick stress to create a body and lifestyle they love!

In this episode, Taylor shares how embracing our differences early on can increase our confidence and earn the respect we naturally deserve. She also believes that we do not have to stay at rock bottom and if we want a strong support system would should BE a strong supporter and reach out to people who we want to support us. She believes that this mindset is one of the most effective action-steps that stuck and overwhelmed women can do to gain momentum in their endeavors. Connect and collaborate with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylorjparker/ and Instagram @_msparker_

Products Mentioned in Episode:

~Black Girl Sunscreen by BLK + GRN

~ Urban RX facial cleansers

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