Shoulder Pain 101


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In episode 71. Dr. Aaron Horschig goes in depth into the factors that create shoulder pain when lifting (anatomy, mobility, stability & biomechanics). If you would like to learn more about screening the shoulder to uncover your individual weak link that may have led to your pain, check out this blog article:

To the question ‘what causes shoulder pain?’ The simplest answer is that pain is often the result of excessive stress or strain on the small structures that surround the shoulder joint. The normally harmonious shoulder complex can be derailed by one part malfunctioning (i.e. weak rotator cuff, poor passive shoulder stability). For the strength athlete, these forces are usually the result of cumulative micro-trauma due to three things:

1) Imbalances between the prime movers and prime stabilizers

2) Instability

3) Poor movement and lifting technique

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