Ep 18 Prof Douglas Drossman on Effective Communication Skills to Optimize the Provider Patient Relationship


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A big welcome back to Prof Douglas Drossman, worlds leading Gastroenterologist in Functional Digestive Disorders/Disorders of Gut Brain Interaction!

In todays episode we talked about

  1. What is patient centred care?
  2. Should the patient be the judge of patient centred care and why?
  3. What are the key definitions relating to communication?
  4. How and why effective communication is important to the patient and the doctor?
  5. How effective communication builds a therapeutic relationship and how it improves patient satisfaction levels and therapeutic outcome, and also reduces physical burnout in doctors.
  6. How to communicate and still manage time effectively.
  7. We discussed Prof Drossman’s educational videos for health practitioners on effective communication.
  8. We also discussed in great details Prof Drossman’s 10-point guide to ‘Learning & Applying Effective Communication Skills to Optimise the Provider Patient Relationship’, and how verbal and no verbal behaviour affects communication.

And…as always a whole lot more interesting and fun facts!

Please enjoy my discussion with Prof Douglas Drossman.

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