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In episode 64, Jay Vidyarthi joins us for a conversation centered around attention activism, including the value of just paying attention to your repetitive habits with technology. Jay Vidyarthi is a frequent speaker and educator on the topic of attention activism and mindfulness, with specific expertise on the user-experience and design aspects of technology.

In this episode, Jay begins with explaining what exactly attention activism is, and how people can start reclaiming their ability to make a choice of where to direct their attention. Jay explains how technology is used to choreograph people’s attention, especially over time, and how developing mindfulness practices around technology use can change the routines in your brain. In other words, when you make intentional decisions with your technology use, you can start to see a big change in your overall lifestyle.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What does “attention activism” mean? (5:01)
  • How does attention activism help with resisting the influence that technology has over our brains? (15:50)
  • What trends in design promote mindfulness in technology? (33:28)
  • How can people get involved in attention activism? (45:44)

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to become aware of your habits with technology & how to improve them. (0:58)
  • How people are reclaiming their choice of where to direct their attention. (5:35)
  • How the design of technology is used to choreograph people’s attention. (9:16)
  • How mindfulness is infiltrating various industries. (16:19)
  • About the ethics of technology design. (33:45)
  • What steps people can take to make positive changes in their lives. (42:48)

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Attention Activist

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