The 20 Minute Man Hour


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Man, it can be strange being a guy today. Sometimes It seems women want you to become one of them. TV's heros are all nerds or wimps with an occasional muscle bound dude thrown in who looks like he spends all day doing curls while staring at himself in the mirror. None of those guys are like us and we bet they aren't like you either. We're two men talking about how to be a man in a relationship, how to build a business that fits you like your own skin, and how to make life so fun and easy that every day feels like a holiday. We'll tackle anything else that comes our way in a purely manly way. We're figuring this life out, going through our challenges, and sharing it all so you can figure it out too. Our man hour only takes 20 minutes because we are that efficient. Find Scott and his Men's Coaching at and find David the Business Strategist at

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