Getting Involved In Animal Rights Activism


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Why it’s important to get involved in animal rights?

As vegans, being involved in animal rights is an important aspect of living this lifestyle. If we don't help animals, who will? Getting involved doesn't have to involve a giant protest. Animal rights activism can be done in a much smaller scale and still make a difference. Explore below to see our recommendations on different ways to get active.

How to get involved?

Whether you go big or start small, activism includes many different activities. Your efforts, whether major or minor, will make a difference in the lives of animals.

One option is to join your local animal rights activist group and in Georgia, where we live, that would be GARP. Visit their website or find your local group. You'll find a lot of helpful information, upcoming events, and tips on how to make the biggest difference possible. Volunteering at local farm sanctuaries such as the Full Circle Farm Sanctuary in Georgia is another option.

As you listen to this episode, you'll notice that quite a few of our recommendations for animal rights activism involve encouraging others to follow a vegan lifestyle. Spreading the vegan love is accomplished in many different ways including sharing our podcast with your friends and family or bringing vegan treats to family gatherings.

Give this episode a listen to find different ways you can get involved in animal rights activism.

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