Going Out To Eat As a Vegan


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As the United States starts to open up again, friends are going out to eat for the first time in over a year. If you make plans to go to a restaurant, as a vegan, you will encounter two different scenarios.

#1 - You have no choice in what restaurant you go to


#2 - You are part of the restaurant picking decision

Going out to eat with friends as a vegan can be a tricky situation sometimes. In this episode, we give our tips and tricks to make the most of your next dinner date. No matter what, do your research beforehand to have the best experience. Talk to your fellow local vegans and get their best recommendations.

Sometimes things won't go as well as you'd like and you might end up with a weak salad or some limp fries. But you're at that dinner to be with your friends so focus on them. And as Meghan says, when there aren't any other options, just drink more!

When you have more control, you have the ability to spread some vegan love to your friends. Make the most of these wonderful moments when we can safely experience time with our friends and family. We encourage you all to eat more vegan food, laugh with people you love, and experience life.

Shout out to one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Atlanta - Cafe Sunflower!

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