#171: 40km Across Lake Taupo with John Hancock


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My guest today is John Hancock, the most recent person who successfully completed the Lake Taupo swim.

00:46 Lake Taupo 02:29 Deciding To Cross Lake Taupo and How Long is The Preparation 05:34 Is 2 Month Preparation Enough? 08:27 "As Long As You Can Keep Moving, You Will Get There" 09:53 Recovery 12:16 Thoughts While for 14 Hours 16:49 Positivity v.s. Dark Thoughts During The Swim 23:39 After The Swim 28:39 Swimming With Squad

John's Swim Report: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eug07sqzhortyvm/210315-Taupo%2040.2%20swim-compressed.pdf

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