Investing in Baltimore with the Baltimore Community Foundation


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This was a great podcast interviewing Rosemary Calderalo, Director of Gift Planning at the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF). We talk about the many ways you can invest in Baltimore using the many funds provided by BCF. You may research their website to learn more but I would suggest spending less time on the website and more time calling and talking to someone directly for two reasons: 1) You will get your questions answered faster. There is a lot on the website and while I found it informative, I also felt overwhelmed and wasn't exactly sure where to start. Calling will allow you to talk to a real person and get you questions answered. We all want something specific: to leave a legacy, invest in something you care deeply about, or invest back in Baltimore and the community. Calling will allow you to see what your next step should be based on your goals. 2) You will get to see how BCF handles your call with care and decide if they are right for you. I have nothing but great things to say about their customer service and dedication to their clients and this community, but you need to see it for yourself to feel comfortable. Don't be afraid to contact Rosemary Calderalo using the information below to get your questions answered:

Rosemary Calderalo, Ph.D.

Director of Gift Planning

Baltimore Community Foundation

2 E. Read St. 9th Fl., Baltimore, MD 21202

410-332-4172 x 132

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