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"As a wife to Lamar and mom to Juliana and Jessa, I’m a passive journal writer. It means I have a journal that stays by my bed and I write in it every now and then to record life’s peaks and valleys.

But Juliana’s Journal is something different. When my husband and I accepted the responsibility of fostering a six day old baby, I didn’t know up from down. I wrote down schedules, sleep patterns, and what separated good days from bad ones.

Then, as we learned that Juliana wasn’t meeting her milestones and needed therapy, I jotted down the notes on that too. Fast forward eight years later. That beautiful baby girl is now our daughter Juliana.

Our life is crazier than I ever imagined. When I’m not chasing two kiddos, working or tackling a new DIY project around the house, you’ll find me reading, gardening, or writing. I love comments and feedback. So feel free to send me a line via the message box below.

We are not living the life that we imagined, but it’s still a good one. I’m glad that Juliana’s Journal has grown and continues to grow. Now, I hope to expand it so that it inspires and reaches so many more. It’s my plan to continue scribbling down all those important things I need to keep quickly within reach.

Hopefully, you’ll find some things here that will reach you too."

Check out so much more on the blog : https://www.julianasjournal.com/a-blog-for-special-needs-parents/

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