Life Insurance Case Study


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Life Insurance is an important piece of the financial planning puzzle. However, not everyone needs life insurance. For example, we work with a lot of individuals who are deep into retirement, their kids are adults and the house is paid off. This person may still need life insurance for their spouse but in a lot of these cases, after analyzing the policy and doing our due diligence, we find this type of individual no longer needs to pay the premium for a policy has already done it's job. On the other hand, new parents need life insurance right away to protect their loved ones from having to survive on their own should one parent pass away. We commonly use a second to die life insurance policies for special needs families because we are preparing for the death of the parents who know their special needs child will never live on their own. There are a lot of situations where life insurance can help, and we have a checklist that can help you as well. Check out the life insurance shoppers checklist here to get started.

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