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Andrew Komarow, MSFS


Founder and President

Andrew has been with us since the beginning and is the creator of Planning Across the Spectrum. Andrew is an advocate throughout Connecticut and throughout New England for Autism awareness as well as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and co-founder of Talcott Financial Group in Farmington, CT.

Andrew received his autism diagnosis late in life which answered a lot of questions about struggles he experienced growing up and as a young adult. Having had this experience, he has now dedicated himself to aiding the autism community, utilizing his certifications and skills in the financial world, and his own knowledge of an individual living with autism to help people on the spectrum and/or their families and caregivers plan for their future. He as personally experienced many medical, social, educational, legal, vocational, and relational issues that he can now aid his clients with while understanding that every situation is unique. He provides guidance for life decisions and resources that are available that may not be known about or easily accessible for average citizens. He helps individuals navigate the realities of living in a world that can be complicated to pilot with special needs.

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