R.E.S.P.E.C.T Your Final Wishes - Aretha Franklin: Case Study (2)


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Death is an uncomfortable subject, but a necessary one to discuss. In my opinion, it is wrong to hide from estate planning and it is selfish. I know that sounds harsh, but allow me to explain. You have all of these hard earned assets - money, cars, homes, etc. - and you have 3 children. One of the children is the go getter, the one who does their own laundry and possibly cleans up the kitchen after dinner, the one who you know will take care of you if you get sick. This is who we are planning for. When you die, your problems are not over, they just pass down to someone else and probably someone you really care about. Was Aretha Franklin a bad person for never getting her will done? Absolutely not. Was it irresponsible? Yes. We have to come to grips with death and plan around it like any other obstacle because the burden you fear will eventually be someone else's problem. Death is emotional and your family will need time to heal and the amount of work left without proper estate planning can heavily take away from the grieving process. I urge you to push through your fear of death and plan.

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