LCCP037: Tucker Goodrich — Omega 6 Seed Oils and Our Health- Another Medical Paradox


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This week, History Buff, Citizen Scientist and Wall Street Tech Guru Tucker Goodrich shares how he healed himself of diverticulitis, irritable bowel Syndrome, and stroke-like symptoms all by changing his diet. Getting little help from contemporary medicine, Tucker decided to focus his professional problem-solving skills towards his personal health issues. This ultimately lead to eliminating wheat and omega 6 seed oils from his diet and resulted in immediate resolution of his symptoms.

During our conversation, Tucker reveals how he identified the disease creating culprits in his diet, how his health has improved since he eliminated wheat and processed seed oils, and more importantly, what this may mean for you and your risk of exposure to omega 6 seed oils and other nutritional toxins.

Key Takeaways:

[5:25] The interconnected worlds of computer science and medical science.

[10:25] Tucker started at the source using his family's medical history as square one.

[19:42] Omega 6 seed oils come from whole foods.

[30:23] Cholesterol and Heart Disease — are they related?

[38:38] American food drastically altered the diet in the ‘Blue Zone’ of Okinawa, Japan.

[43:45] What happened when Tucker removed processed seed oils from his diet?

[50:50] Unpacking the studies and discoveries that led to this conversation about Omega 6.

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