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I’m Casey Jacox….the host of the Quarterback Dadcast. I want to take a minute to tell you why I started this podcast. I did it so that I can be a better father myself. I did it because I wanted to learn from dads, just like you. How you were raised. What does your current family life look like? What did you learn from your parents? What did you not learn from your parents? How did your parents help you? With all of that information, how are you using all of that experience to become that ultimate leader or Quarterback of your household? You will laugh. You might even cry. You will learn. And I will guarantee that in each episode you will walk away with actionable tasks that you can apply to your life right now to become that ultimate Quarterback and leader of your household. Together, we will learn from the successes and failures of dads who are doing their best every day. So, sit back, relax and subscribe now to receive each episode weekly on The Quarterback Dadcast.

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