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Hello mates. Hope you're all keeping well. Sorry about the no-show last week. It's all getting a bit busy for us two at the moment. We're back with a belter this week though. It's a chat with director Marc Munden.

Marc's visionary oeuvre is pretty astonishing in its breadth and scale. You may have seen his most recent directorial work Help starring Stephen Graham and previous TSP guest Jodie Comer on Channel 4. It's a masterpiece and if you haven't already checked it out, it's an absolute must. Marc and Craig touch on previous works such as Bermondsey Boy, The Third Day, Utopia, National Treasure, The Secret Garden and others. They chat through Mark's childhood in North London, his abruptly halted propensity for mathematics, his love of storytelling, the impact of European arthouse cinema on him and loads, loads more.

It's a fantastic hour or so which we're sure you'll adore.

It's episode 161 of the Two Shot Podcast with the fantastic Marc Munden.

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