419: Nicky Schauder on Growing Food in Small Spaces


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Teaching how to garden with limited space.

In This Podcast:

Struggling with their children’s multiple food allergies convinced Nicky Schauder and her husband Dave to go organic. Dealing with the expense of all this organic food impelled them to start growing it themselves. Thus began their adventure with permaculture and gardening in small spaces. They’ve incorporated many techniques, which they call multipliers, to increase their yield, from 3-dimensional gardening to low tunnel gardening. Among the many bonuses of this lifestyle is the improved health of their children. Nicky and Dave now offer classes to help families just like theirs reap the same benefits.

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Nicky and her husband Dave are passionate about helping suburban families grow their own food. Together, they run Permaculture Gardens a web portal to help you grow abundantly!

In 2017, Permaculture Gardens won the grand prize at the Green Festivals in Washington DC for “Most Innovative Sustainable Brand.” Their work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Permaculture Research Institute - Australia and Green America.org. They also volunteer at their local Title 1 school and started a permaculture garden after-school program for the elementary kids there.

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419: Nicky Schauder on Growing Food in Small Spaces

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