484: Kristie Kapp on Eco-edible landscaping


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Helping others understand and create food forests.

In This Podcast: Eco-edible landscaping sounds like a cool new method, but it incorporates many of the tried and true methods of permaculture. Kristie Kapp educates on building a food forest and how to incorporate 7 layers, supporting plants, mineral accumulators, and beneficial insects. She teaches stacking plant functions and how to build the ideal soil for your food forest in just one year. Listen in to learn these principles and how to start creating regenerative, resilient ecosystems.

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Kristie is the Founder and Executive Director of Resilient Roots. She has a master's in ecology from Yale School of Environmental Studies and over twenty years of farming experience. She decided to merge the two professions, completed a permaculture landscape design program, and has been designing landscapes since 2014.

Resilient Roots is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and promote awareness about permaculture landscapes that are primarily edible and guided by ecological principles. They empower people to grow their own food in a manner that is sustainable and uses local resources.

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484: Kristie Kapp on Eco-edible landscaping

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