B05 James Bond Commentary (Live and Let Die)


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A politician with a penchant for gardening who likes chocolate bars and compulsive gigglers is a big man in the ‘underground alternative medicine’ scene. When he’s not lurking in the cellars of his restaurant chain, he surrounds himself with a lot of card players; his secretary likes playing solitaire while his public relations advisor prefers snap. When Bond turns up and convinces one of them to switch to Happy Families, chaos ensues. After he has a little quarrel with his unexpected wife because she forgot her mongoose and doesn’t like playing darts, he picks a fight with an army of black russians who chase him all over the place until he gives their magic slave back. He does this and then his new sex-mad girlfriend goes country dancing in zombie land so that he can shut the local dancing skeleton in a box full of snakes and then saves the day by puncturing Kananga’s over inflated opinion of himself. Pop. Then he talks to his friend, Felix. Who can fix anything.

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