132 Doctor Who (The Leisure Hive)


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The Doctor and Romana have decided they need a bit of leisure time but everywhere’s booked solid and their last resort is the one remaining building in a war-torn wasteland (no dogs). Chucking K-9 in the sea, they go on holiday. Unfortunately, this particular holiday camp isn’t exactly a hive of activity; the staff keep dying of old age, the new owner hates people and has just bought a brand new 3D printer, which he hopes will help him make new friends, the new owner’s mum’s best friend has built a ‘make me young’ machine and there’s an army of giant frogs in fancy dress wandering around the place trying to buy everything. The new owner doesn’t care because he’s just got himself a brand new hat and he wants to show it off to the galaxy. The Doctor’s tired of it all so he has a go in the ‘make me young’ machine’ unluckily for him, Romana’s been fiddling with it and plugged the cables in the wrong holes and before you know it, the Doctor suddenly finds he’s in his 80’s. They’ll probably need a holiday after this.

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