137 Doctor Who (State of Decay)


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E-Space is well known for having the worst dental care of all the alphabet, so it’s no surprise that their state of decay has driven the Great Gumpire to set up a new clinic on ye olde fashionee world. He has a two point plan that seems a bit batty; he doesn’t use anaesthetic, just good old fashioned hypnotism, which isn’t in the least bit suspicious or kind of groomy. But fangs ain’t what they used to be and you do what you must. What you mustn’t do is eat the food. The state sanctioned menu consists of a single plate of sad looking salami slices and one bowl of hard to steal soup, it’s not good for your oral hygiene. The castle does have a well stocked cellar though, plenty of barrels of red. Not everyone’s receptive to all this dentistry though, all the old folk have hidden in the forest to start a beard farm in protest. But that could be because the Great Gumpire’s dental plan is only available to the young…. …boys. But there aren’t any women on this planet so, like i said, you do what you must. Shame he didn’t get stuck in F-space.

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