142 Doctor Who (Logopolis)


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Not to be confused with Legopolis, which uses a different type of block transfer computation (although it does explain Adric’s hair) An air hostess has a disastrous first day when she gets on the wrong flight, shouts at the cabin crew and can’t find the emergency exit - although to be fair it’s a devil to get to. A precocious math’s nerd can’t decide whether to spend the day measuring an infinite number of boxes or take part in the most boring planet-wide game of Battleships ever attempted. A Pixie Princess from Planet Peace, like any teenager, has mood swings. Give her some gaudy bit of tat and tell her you’re her dead dad, she’ll kill her mates quick as you like. An evil ringmaster goes to a lot of effort so that he can make a prank call to every answer machine in the universe…at the same time. And the Doctor’s trying to drown himself, shrink himself, get arrested…basically anything to avoid having to go on the roof and fix the tv ariel so that the creepy dude in white with no mouth can stop staring at him and watch something else instead. It’s distracting, he needs to be careful. The last thing he wants to do is fall o….oh.

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