144 Sapphire and Steel (Assignment 3)


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Your open-air mime rehearsal doesn’t go so well when your only audience member leaves for the countryside and the company of corpses. Naturally, you take your mind off it by looking for an invisible house in the sky but somehow you end up punching a duck. Confused, you decide to go to dinner with the most unlikely couple in all of time who are far more adept at the whole ‘trapped in a box’ thing than you ever could be. He’s a masochistic voyeur who doesn’t like to peep, She’s pillow phobic and talks to walls and their son is a creepy, badly dressed weirdo who hears voices and has THE worst handshake. But you’ve been brought up to be polite so you ignore the family pet (which appears to be a butcher’s off-cut that lives in the skirting board) and sit down to dinner. Just don’t eat the lamb. You don’t want to know where it’s been.

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