150 Sapphire and Steel (Assignment 4)


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The man without a face doesn’t have a face but he does have a face and another face. The woman with an unmentionable job and questionable taste in music has her name and someone else’s name and keeps extra hair by her bed but not by her other bed. A pair of medium atomic weights have taken to squatting in someone else’s dingy, squalid little flat while they bicker about job satisfaction and look at the most miserable, depressing photographs they can find. The children’s division of the Oliver Twist Fan Club who want to poke people’s eyes out with umbrellas are just a distraction. What we’re here to talk about is what happens when the Blank Stare, the Big Hair and the Bickering Pair gather on the staircase to have a big ol’ barney in the middle of the night.

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