R28 Doctor Who (The Tenth Planet)


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A group of S and M fanatics (wearing gimp masks made from their mum’s tights) get lost on a skiing trip to the South Pole. they stumble onto a secret military outpost at the same time as the Doctor, Ben and Polly. When a new planet appears in the sky everyone goes a bit mental. The Doctor’s having none of it, though. He’s far too old for that sort of thing so he takes action….and has a nap, leaving it up to a sailor and a duchess to do something clever with magnets and a luminous stick before the mad general nukes the universe and the kinky gimps enslave the human race (actually, The Kinky Gimps sounds like a 1970’s prog rock group). After all that, the Doctor decides that he looks far too old and has a very bad reaction to a botox overdose.

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