WGL-Bonus: Shawn Chhabra - Creating an Effective Daily Schedule That Works For You


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SHAWN CHHABRA- Creating an Effective Daily Schedule That Works For You







WGL-Bonus: Shawn Chhabra -Creating an Effective Daily Schedule That Works For You

There is no “one size fits all” type of schedule that works the same for everyone. The truth is though that we can all benefit from having a schedule to help guide us through our days. If you have just been winging it or live only by your scheduled appointments for the day, then it’s time to make some effective changes. A well planned schedule can truly ensure that you get everything done and enjoy greater productivity in the process.

It’s always helpful to plan out your schedule the night before when you have the opportunity. If you put in a few minutes each day to plan ahead then it will make things run much more smoothly. It’s important to note that the unforeseen will often come about and can throw you for a loop. If however you have properly planned out your day, then you can still work through those circumstances and make the best of them—thus still enjoying productivity!

Planning Out Your Day Helps You To Navigate Through Anything

It may again sound like more work to create a schedule each and every day, but this is yet another investment into yourself. You can only get more organized when you have a schedule. You are accountable, you have spelled out the tasks at hand, you have prioritized as a result of this, and therefore you have a wonderful plan to help move you forward. This is a good reminder if you feel frustrated or challenged with creating a schedule at first.

If you find that you need a little push or motivation with creating a schedule, consider the benefits. Here is how to go about creating an effective schedule and why it can benefit you so greatly.

  • Being realistic with your time constraints and centering a schedule around this accordingly: We all have a lot to do and when you are realistic with those time constraints then you can get a whole lot more done. It may sound counterintuitive or exhausting to spell everything out, but it will always work to your favor.

Your schedule can center around the absolute necessities of what you need to get done and then attach the appropriate amount of time to such activities. Though you might think that this will create an unrealistic or frustrating point of view, you will be surprised at just how it helps you to stay on task and work through things one activity at a time each day.

  • Carving out time for all activities, personal or professional, for a thorough overview: This is a schedule to get you through each and every thing that you have planned for the day. If you know that you have your son’s soccer game in the evening, put it on the schedule. If you know that you have calls to return in the afternoon, then put it on the schedule. There is no task, personal or professional, that should be kept off of the schedule. This is your accountability record and the more detail that you attach, the better it will run and keep you heading in the right direction. Productivity will be yours for the taking!

  • Points out areas for improvement and better ways of using your time: Assigning the right amount of time to each activity will come with time. So too will pointing out the time suckers that are robbing you of your productive time. This is a work in progress and so you will start to notice patterns and areas of improvement. That’s okay and actually a healthy and helpful part of the process! Though you may not believe that pointing out inadequacies will make you feel better, it will show you what it takes to become better at all of this. Just be honest with yourself always!

  • Helps to keep you on track no matter what may come your way: When you plan out your schedule, you are going to build time in for everything. Along with that you must try your best to plan for the unforeseen. Your boss comes at you with an unexpected and urgent project -- no problem because you just have to shuffle things around on your schedule. Your child is home sick from school -- just reprioritize and utilize the daily schedule to help you to accomplish the necessities.

You can also roll things over into your schedule for the next day as necessary, and though this is a guideline it also contains a bit of flexibility within it. This is all about productivity, and sometimes that needs to include planning for the unforeseen. Life happens, so just have a plan for it!

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