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Shawn Chhabra-Book Summary-Weight Loss by Quitting Sugar and Carb Most people know that sugar is not a very healthy food, but few understand that it is similar to some of the most potent drugs. Sugar can affect brain function, disrupt healthy metabolic processes, and cause substantial weight gain over only a short period of time.Not only is it unhealthy, but it is almost unavoidable. Food growers and makers have been adding sugar to almost every imaginable food and beverage since the 1970s (including baby formula), and today it is a leading contributor to the obesity epidemic as well as many chronic diseases.In "Weight Loss by Quitting Sugar and Carb - A Sugar Buster Super Detox Diet" you will learn all about sugar in the modern diet. Not only will you discover why sugar appears as widely as it does in the food supply, but you will learn the many reasons that you should cut it from your diet.Readers will learn about:• Sugar addiction and how it is a real problem;• Added sugar and how it is not needed in food or the human metabolism;• How sugar behaves in the body;• How the body can work better without any added sugars;• The best foods to choose in order to lose weight and avoid disease;• Simple carbohydrates, hidden sugars, and artificial sweeteners are all unhealthy and should also be cut from the diet;• Doing a true 21 Day Detox Diet;• What to expect when cutting sugar from your lifestyle;• Conquering the biggest challengers to sugar detox and elimination; and• The various conspiracy theories and widespread efforts to keep sugar on our plates, in our drinks, and flooding our bodies.When you have finished reading this book you will not only be happy to eliminate sugar from your daily diet, but will also know exactly what steps to take to ensure success. If you are ready to end your addiction to sugar, improve your health, and optimize your body's fat burning capabilities, this is the perfect guide.“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” ? Winston Churchill

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