055 | Changing Your Mindset & Self-Talk to Create a Successful Business with Susan Reoch


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This week we get to have a conversation with UX Copywriter and Entrepreneur, Susan Reoch. Susan is a User Experience (UX) Copywriter and Strategist.

She has invested a lot of time and effort in finding and defining the connective tissue between UX and copywriting, and has mastered it. This has become her competitive advantage, allowing her to write web copy quickly and effectively.

Susan has become the go-to person for UX copywriting, earning 6-figures in her second year of business, and launching UX to Profit — a group coaching program that teaches copywriters about UX.

In this episode, Susan shares her journey into entrepreneurship – what got her started, the challenges, the wins, and even gives some insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. More importantly, she speaks about the importance of changing your mindset and self-talk in starting a business, and how this personally helped her become a successful entrepreneur.

Susan’s Website: https://susanreochcopywriter.com/

Susan on Instagram: @susanreoch_copywriter

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