056 | Get Off the Bench: 4 Keys to Step Into Your Dream Life


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My father used to say to me all the time, “Sandra, your success will have no meaning unless you bring others with you.”

In my journey, I had gotten carried away by the quest for more and more – thinking that my happiness would lie at the other end of more.

If I could just make more money.

If I could just have more shoes.

If I could just get the next dream car.

And as I checked off each of those milestones, it was empty. It was hollow.

What was it that I was doing to fulfill the words that my father had said to me about bringing others with me?

It took me a really long time to get to the point where I figured out what my purpose was. I realized that we all are looking for purpose in our lives. We all want to do something that means something in the world, and what that looks like is going to be very different.

For some people, it's speaking on world stages. For other people, it's just being the best mother that they can be to their family, raising their children the best that they know how. But for many of us women, we stop ourselves from going after the things that we dream of, because we don't think we're good enough, or society tells us that this should be the dream that we want for ourselves, even though we know deep down that it's not.

What does it take for us to get to the point where we can get off the bench and step into our purpose and dream life?

In this episode, I share four keys on what it would take for us to step into the game of life, where you can truly start to live a life that is aligned with who you are meant to be and truly live a life that is aligned with your purpose.

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