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Comedians Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt review a movie once a week, every week, for a year. Year one: Grown Ups 2. Year two: Sex and The City 2. Year Three: We Are Your Friends. A podcast host by two boiz who have more commitment than talent.
Fletch, Vaughan and Megan every week day across New Zealand from 6am – 10am. Listen in for the best music, biggest celebs, latest gossip and a bit of a laugh..
BEYONCÉ LOVED THIS PODCAST! Two guys, a girl, and a pretty weird radio show! Join Jono, Ben and Sharyn for your daily dose of celeb interviews, banter, scandal, lols and all round randomness. DISCLAIMER: Beyoncé has never heard this podcast ... we were just trying to get your attention.
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The craziest coffee story has come out of Hastings, August has a new career aspiration and what do you always get asked "off the clock"?
On this special episode of Jono, Ben and Sharyn Investigates we go behind the scenes of the Adult Film industry with porn-star Katie Morgan! Support the show.
On today's show every caller won CASH and we heard some great stories about when you thought you were being proposed to! Support the show.
August doesn't want to kiss Vaughan on the mouth, eggs are bad for you and when did you lose some teeth?
Honestly, not the boiz' best work.
On today's show we speak to Mike McRoberts about what he's witnessed covering the Christchurch attacks and Andy King from the Fyre Festival doco on Netflix joins us! Support the show.
This podcast is dedicated to everyone affected by the Christchurch Terror Attacks.
It's alright to eat your bogies, Friday Flashback and what do you BYO to work?
We’ve unleashed a plague of mosquitoes in the studio to greet kiwi comedian Mel Bracewell who joins the boiz to discuss dog sexuality, whether Sandy from Spongebob is a woman and Miranda getting the short end of the stick. We ask why/how Carrie is always wearing pearls to bed, instruct Americans (especially East Coasters) to come join the rest ...…
On today's show we check the damage from the disastrous 2019 Facebook outage and Ben finally loses it at Jono & Sharyn... Support the show.
A Harry Potter themed brunch is here and we are bloody excited! Am I A Bad Person and when did your parents pull some strings?
On today's show we hear your extreme tales of laziness and we talk to someone who's actually been in a coma!! Support the show.
Swipemares, sshh They're Listening and when did you get left behind?
On today's show we hear the most awkward places you've had an argument (There are some goodies in there!!) and Ben's parenting skills have been called into question... Support the show.
Guy and Tim have had a fight but it’s OK now. The boiz turn to Cosmo's 'Which Sex and The City gal are you' quiz to pass the time. Timbo’s interested in The Flash’s dick pics and acting experience (shout out to the Breaker Uperers) and we enjoy some beautiful haiku poems.
On today's show we hear some of NZ's most SHOCKING baby sitter stories and Mel from MAFS Australia joins us in studio!! Support the show.
Megan, Bree and Bel are joined by some of New Zealand's (and the worlds) most incredible women including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Mother of the Nation Hilary Barry, Black Fern Kendra Cocksedge, New Zealand's first transgender model Manahou Mackay and star of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson.
Melissa from Married At First Sight Australia is in studio, reactions from part one of Micheal Jackson documentary - Leaving Neverland and Trevan from Heartbreak Island.
Melissa from Married At First Sight Australia is in studio, reactions from part one of Micheal Jackson documentary - Leaving Neverland and Trevan from Heartbreak Island.
On today's show we celebrate International Women's Day by phoning a few of our fave gals and Ben's daughter Indie attempts to ride a bike for the first time!! Support the show.
Guy wants to home in on some script critique on a lack of food critique in the dialogue. The boiz investigate what else Steve has been up to and wouldn’t you know it, Siri is listening in. A divergent path into the Snowden files, an apology from humanity to rats and explanations on how New Zealand sensibilities are destroying cafes and economie ...…
On today's show we investigate prisons and in The People's Court we ask what you should do when your married boss hits on you... Support the show.
Never Have I Ever, your nickname at school and what did you leave on the top of your car?
On today's podcast we asked the question what do you think about Michael Jackson and we talk to a listener who can make a noise with her body that never should have made it to air... Support the show.
Am I A Bad Person and what was your "coming of age" show?
On today's show we hear the crazy amounts you've been tipped and you WON'T BELIEVE what Jono's going to drink!!! Support the show.
Vaughan had an encounter with a rat and when did you hurt yourself showing off?
Welcome to Tim's first ep travelling, he wants to vomit cause Big keeps trying to devour SJP’s nose. We’ve got some readings from the Sex and The City Movie book (which came from the rubbish dump) and much more proof that Big is illiterate. Then, on to the important business of fleshing out the adventures of Rev Chris Noth. Noath? Nowth? What w ...…
On today's show we try and convince our boss to let us play our Ariana Grande parody and Sharyn gets busted by her hubby Bryce live on air!!! Support the show.
I Have Never, Mosh Monday and when did you freak out and call the police?
I Have Never, Mosh Monday and when did you freak out and call the police?
On today's show we go to The People's Court and Sharyn kept a massive secret for 3 months so now she wants to keep yours!! Support the show.
Friday Flashback, Don't Get Fletch Started and your stingy workplace allowances.
Guy is getting fed up with America’s weird date format and Timbo is packing a bong for this special 420 episode. The Flash is effusive with praise to begin with but soon becomes positively irate with his watch-mate not accepting his Coffee Guy theory. There’s stories of careers past in call centres, office crushes, debt collection and a big que ...…
On today's show Ben has a run-in with HR and we chat to a guy whose job it is to clean up crime scenes... Support the show.
Megan helped a baby boomer yesterday, Never Have I Ever and what are the passive aggressive notes your flatmates leaves you?
On today's show we farewell a beloved member of the team and we hear about the famous people you've shaken hands with! Support the show.
Megan has a proposition for Fletch and Vaughan, This Is Why I'm Fat and have you been checkout shamed?
On today's show Sharyn has a medical condition she wants help with and we see if a MAFS Australia conversation works in real life... Support the show.
A new dating trend and is your partner more like a baby than a partner?
Comedian Ayo Edebiri guests on this episode and predicts how the post-American implosion will play out regarding Walmart sofas and their owners. Ayo cracks the case on why Charlotte actually shits her pants, Brady is running in 2040 and the guys reveal they have just one listener: a staunch libertarian. Plus, the incredible career of musician P ...…
On today's show we chat to a real life Sugar Baby and our minds are blown!!! Support the show.
Hilary Barry is on the phone from The Oscars, Vaughan had a run-in with the police and what did your flatmate take when they moved out?
On today's show Jono's brought in a super special guest and we put Producer Dan's job on the line... Support the show.
The boys are joined by comedian/TV writer Mitra Jouhari for an episode that has been alternatively sound tracked by Guy Montgomery. Today we discover the fifth girl is Lily, but the sixth girl is NYC BUT THE SEVENTH girl is Hat. Let’s find out about her journey. Mitra puts forward a strong argument for the gals staying in Mexico and Tim puts fo ...…
We went for a ride-along with Sargent Carl from the Christchurch Police, Chris Mac from Six60 is on the phone and when did a machine mess up at work?
On today's show Shaz helps you figure out what your dreams mean and we chat to John Aiken from MAFS Australia!! Support the show.
Vaughan's Dad has magic powers, Community Notices and when did you hook up with someone you shouldn't have?
On today's show you tell us all the wtf things your partner said to you and we're live from The Edge Birthday Tossers party!! Support the show.
It is Vaughan's Birthday! Producer Anya broke up a street fight yesterday and were you a little shit?
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