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Second City Works presents "Getting to Yes, And" on WGN Plus from WGN Radio in Chicago.
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Kelly sits down with physicist and biotech entrepreneur Safi Bachall to talk about his new book Loonshots: How To Nurture the Crazy Ideas that Win Wars, Cure Diseases and Transform Industries.
Kelly gets insights from Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, an international authority on talent management and leadership development. His new book, Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?: And How to Fix It , looks at the science behind leadership as it relates to men and women.
Kelly connects with Jane Mosbacher Morris whose company connects consumers to ethically made products. Her new book is called Buy The Change You Want To See.
Kelly talks to hotel impresario Horst Shulze whose new book, Excellence Wins, speaks to the kind of collaborative and purpose-driven leadership that leads to success.
Kelly talks to professor and journalist Ellen Ruppel Shell about her compelling new book The Job: Work and It’s Future In A Time Of Radical Change.
Kelly talks to Efosa Ojomo of the Christensen Institute and Karen Dillon the former editor of the Harvard Business Review about their new book The Prosperity Paradox that they co-authored with the legendary scholar Clayton Christensen.…
Kelly sits across the table with Cameron Mitchell (Ocean Prime, Mitchell‘s Fish Market, Rusty Bucket) to talk about his new book Yes is the Answer, his own rag to riches story and a business philosophy that puts his own staff first.…
Kelly sits down with Amherst Professor Catherine Sanderson to to talk about her new book The Positive Shift, which explores how our mindset can make us healthier and happier.
Kelly sits down with Chloe Johnston and Coya Paz Brownrigg to talk about their new book Ensemble-Made Chicago, which looks at the unique way that Chicago theatre artists develop original content in a collaboration with their fellow artists and audiences. ...…
Kelly talks to Professor Brad Staats whose new book, Never Stop Learning, looks at learning from the intersection of operations and behavioral science.
Kelly has a provocative and enlightening conversation with noted journalist Anand Giridharadas about his new book Winners Take All, which points the finger at philanthropists, thought leaders and business tycoons who extol social good while helping maintain the status quo. ...…
Kelly gets to talk to renowned scholar Amy Edmondson about her new book The Fearless Organization.
This is a rebroadcast of a previous podcast episode. It’s the 100th “Getting to Yes, And” Podcast so Kelly talks to longtime Second City teacher and director Anne Libera who also helms the Comedy Studies and Comedy Major at Columbia College Chicago. Stick around for the Yes, And story at the end. ...…
Kelly has a spirited conversation former academic and leadership guru Drew Dudley about true courage in leadership.
Kelly talks to talent performance expert Marc Effron about the science behind high performance in business and where our focus should be to get the most out of our people.
Kelly connects with former IDEO design director Ingrid Fetell Lee whose new book, Joyful, looks at the science underneath how we experience joy in the world around us.
Kelly connects with Dr. Dolly Chugh who studies implicit bias at The Stern School of Business (NYU). Her new book has some surprising and useful insights into how all of us have biases – and how we can become better builders for inclusion and equity.…
Kelly talks to noted behavioral scientist Dan Ariely about a new ethics training program called ‘The Medical Professionalism Project,’ as well as his own fascinating backstory.
Kelly has a powerful conversation with pastor MaryAnn McKibben Dana whose new book explores how she has incorporated her improvisational training into her spiritual life and pastoral work.
Kelly sits down with Kim Christfort at Deloitte to discuss the magic and science to crafting powerful work relationships.
Kelly dials up Ken Kocienda who was on the design team at Apple to talk about innovation, Steve Jobs and developing the iPhone.
Kelly connects with Professor Michele Gelfand whose study of culture has led her to believe that our behaviors and attitudes are largely based on whether we our product of tight cultures or loose cultures.
Kelly talks to Matt Walsh, the CEO of Green Stone and a business leader who has some interesting insights into the limiting effects of traditional office culture on the ability to be our most creative selves.
Kelly connects with Harvard professor Donna Hicks about her new book Leading with Dignity. Dr. Hicks has worked extensively in international conflict which led her to study the role that dignity plays in how human beings can work more effectively with one another.…
Kelly has a fascinating conversation with South African born Kellogg executive Clive Sirkin who is something of an iconoclast when it comes to marketing and established business practices.
Kelly connects with the former Chief Learning Officer of LinkedIn, Kelly Palmer. Her new book, The Expertise Economy, shows us how most learning programs aren’t conducive to the science of how we actually learn.
Kelly talks to the former CMO of Hershey’s and Capital One, Peter Horst, whose new book explores how brands can no longer sit on the sidelines in an era dominated by politics, social issues an social media.
Kelly talks to Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Happiness Project” and “Better Than Before” about her insights into how we can make ourselves happier people and understanding ourselves and our best habits.
Kelly finds interesting connections with best selling author Dan Pink about improvisation and insights into human behavior.
Kelly talks to Keiko Agena, best known as Lane Kim on the Gilmore Girls, about her new book No Mistakes: A Workbook for Imperfect Artists.
Kelly talks to best selling author Carmine Gallo about his new book, Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get from Good to Great.
Kelly connects with the brilliant Simon Sinek to talk about purpose, creativity and focus.
Kelly talks to Chris Denson, host of the “Innovation Crush” podcast and author of Crushing the Box.
Kelly talks to the CEO of Sub Rosa, Michael Ventura, about his new leadership book Applied Empathy.
Kelly talks to storytelling expert Murray Nossel about the art of effective communication. Stick around at the end for one of the best Yes, And stories we’ve ever heard.
Kelly takes his listeners on a backstage pass with his colleagues Steve Kakos and Anneliese Toft as they discuss “Brandstage,” a process that gets insights by putting brands and organizations thorough The Second City process.…
Kelly talks to Harvard Business Professor Francesca Gino about her new book Rebel Talent, which shows how most innovators upend conventional behavior.
Kelly has a fascinating conversation with scholar Howard Yu about his new book Leap, which looks at how being the best doesn’t guarantee long-term success.
Kelly talks to journalist Sarah Kessler whose new book, Gigged, explores what’s really happening in the so-called “Gig Economy.”
Kelly talks to professor Paul Zak about his new book “Trust Factor” which looks at the science of creating high performance companies.
Kelly meets up with Dr. Sylvia Smith, Executive Director of Giant Steps Autism Organization and Improv Teacher Nick Johne to discuss their unique partnership developing and leading Improvisation for Autism classes.…
Kelly meets Leonard Mlodinow, a theoretical physicist who has co-written books with Stephen Hawking and Deepak Chopra. His new book is called Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change.…
Kelly has an intriguing conversation with Behavioral Scientist Nicholas Chater whose controversial new book, The Mind is Flat, challenges the concepts of mental depth and unconscious thinking.…
Kelly talks to author Jonah Sachs about his new book, Unsafe Thinking, which looks at the science and stories behind breakthrough ideas.
Kelly meets Michael Brito, a digital strategist whose new book Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees To Participate & Become Brand Storytellers makes the case for engaging your most powerful marketing tool: your own employees.
Kelly sits down with ESPN host and reporter Sarah Spain to talk about the future of sports, broadcasting and finding equity in both.
Kelly sits down with Stanford University professor Leah Weiss whose new book How We Work looks at ways in which we can re-humanize the workplace.
Kelly cooks up trouble with professor Charlan Nemeth whose new book looks at the virtues of the outliers and misfits.
Kelly dials up data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz whose New York Times Bestselling book Everybody Lies offers some fascinating and disturbing insights into big data, little lies and the difficult search for truth in our country today. ...…
Kelly talks to serial entrepreneur David Cancel about his unique approach to selling, marketing and the future of work.
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