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The Morning Skate
The Morning Skate is a podcast where hockey players and fans can go to sit back and have some laughs. Ked and Hal keep you updated with NHL in the news and keep you engaged with segments like Twitter Questions and the Patty B. Hotline.
Paul Driscoll and Tyler Moore are Tampa Bay Lightning fans and season ticket members who talk hockey, food, and pretty much anything else that pops into their heads.
Welcome to Skate to Create! The skateboard podcast that's devoted to connecting with creative people, and finding out what THEY learned from skateboarding. In each episode we are excited to bring you helpful resources, powerful conversations, and engaging stories to help inspire the creative, to take action. Whether you are a skateboarder or not, our show will bring you behind the scenes guest interviews from the skateboarding industry. Hear your favorite Pro Skaters like Manny Santiago, Ant ...
I've decided to do audio-podcasts here and put my video up at description: There may be some audio podcasts eventually, but probably not. There will be skateboarding videos. And whatever else I damn well want!
Join 1981-1984 U.S. national champion and 1984 Olympic silver medalist Peter Carruthers for his inside perspective on the sport of figure skating.
My Skating Podcast
Comedian, RSA Keynote Speaker, Author and Roller Skating advocate Scotty Gunther talks all things skating and skate culture past and present.
Ladies Skate Only
A showcase for all of the talented ladies out there, each episode puts a spotlight on the female artists we can't get enough of.
Hosoi Skates
Video Clips of Christian Hosoi and the Hosoi Skates Team
Mucho Skate, Mucho Sexo y Mucha mierda para todos. En esta emicion, Pual Rodriguez sobrevalorado, volver al futuro y la 4 dimencion, tenemos a Mario Saenz de Invitado. Jebus Skate Shop
Speedskating is an incredible sport requiring both physical and mental prowess. Skate Talk with Boomer and the Coach is a way of growing the sport, to let people know what speedskating is all about!
Podcast about style skaters. We discuss all things related to roller skating.
Skate The Podcast
My name is Skate and this a podcast where my friends, Kirstin, Jill, and I talk about boys we're dating, things we're hating, and mistakes we're making.
Skate To Create
Together we blend conversation and interviews with today’s most inspirational pro skateboarders, pro filmers, entrepreneurs and freelancers. It features stories from skateboarders such as Anthony Shetler and Manny Santiago, Brandon Westgate, Cody McEntire; Cinematographers including Chris Ray, Adrian Hodge, Ricki Bedenbaugh, Kyle Camarillo, Chase Gabor, Chris Thiessen. Business owners and fellow pod caster's such as Chris Cerrone and Brett Bumeter. Social Media expert Andrew Mucci, Skatepark ...
Skate, vídeos, fotos, notícias
The past can inspire and encourage the future.
Skate The River
Podcast by Skate The River
A Skate video Vidcast.
Pocket Pistols is a skateboarding company dedicated to keeping skateboarding fun. Skateboarding is what you make it, so make it good. Live Fast -x- Skate Faster
After Skate Radio är ett program där vi träffar kända och okända människor som på ett eller annat sätt är sprungna ur skateboardkulturen. Programmet sänds live varje fredag klockan 19.00 med nya gäster i soffan.
Hal and Mabel's Daddy knows everything - how a thermometer works, what makes a car go, why we get warm when we run. It's a cold and icy evening after school and Daddy has a secret but what is it? And what is in the mysterious packages he has for the children? The "Daddy" stories were originally published as part of the 'bedtime stories' of the Newark News. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
Marina's Morning Skate is a hockey podcast brought to you by Boston Bruins blogger Marina Molnar.
Sunday Skateshop's videos, clips and montages. Filmed and edited by Bill Bottriell.
Skate Brain is created and founded by Riley Shaw. Skate Brain captures the stories of different skateboarders' experiences and travels. Our guests include: filmers, shop employees, pros, local dudes, people in the industry, and all around people who love skateboarding!To follow the podcast on Instagram go to @skatebrainpodcastTo reach out to the host of the show you can do that @rshaw78 on Instagram or through email:
The Nine Club is the show that has skaters talking. Each weekly episode hosted by Chris Roberts with co-hosts Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart invites you into fun and intimate conversations with professional and amateur skateboarders, musicians, actors and artists that share a common passion for skateboarding. New episodes every Monday. Also, watch every episode on YouTube at:
Podcast by Blue Line Sports Management
A show hosted by Jayson Sweet and co-hosted by Jason Cantrell all about skateboarding/music, and everything in-between, but mostly skateboarding. Its all for the love, well and maybe sometimes the the hate. but you gotta take the good with the bad.
Skate Motivation is a podcast dedicated to helping skateboarders fulfill their life goals and dreams. Each episode, host STOKED Steve, interviews the most inspiring and motivating professional skateboarders and people in various industries who skateboard in hopes to get skateboarders worldwide to be their best on and off the skateboard. The Skate Motivation podcast came from the #1 Skateboard Motivation Instagram account
Mary Mapes Dodge created an instant bestseller with "Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates." She wanted the book to be partly a book of travels and partly a domestic story. It is a tale written for children that adults also find interesting and uplifting. Dodge writes as if she is sending a series of letters from Holland to children in America, and her you-are-there perspective is aided by a nice attention to detail and vivid imagery.The Brinkers are a poor but stoic family under a dark cloud - ...
Talkin' turkey with your favorite pros and listening to the music that gets them hyped. Thrasher Radio, putting the rad back in radio. Turn on, tune out, drop in.
Mostly Skateboarding brings you first person narrative stories from professional skateboarders and industry insiders.
The Shetler Show
Professional skateboarder has amazing discussions with interesting people from all walks of
Motus V with Nick 'The Tooth' Gullo is a deep dive into the five pillars of optimum health: Mental Wellness, Exercise, Diet, Recovery, and Tribe
The Brothers Grim Punkcast is available on and iTunes. Punk rock, hardcore, and everything in between. Send us your gripes and requests to, listen to us on on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. (both PST).
Rollerblading is an interesting thing to talk about.
A hockey podcast where the outliers matter.
Needle Drop Radio
Each week I play a bunch of songs from punk and indie bands from all over the world. You'll hear new, old, rare tracks, unsigned bands, classic tracks, forgotten gems and lots more. I also pick a "Cover Song of The Week" every episode and drop some fun movie clips throughout!Go to for more info.
Andy Picarro and Collin Chamberlin, two overweight comedians, talk NHL hockey. Seriously, these guys are skating 4th line minutes in a beer league and give their opinions on the best athletes in the world. If you like hockey, you'll probably like this. If not, don't tell anybody.
Brooklyn Surfer's Surf team captain JT, rips the African Coast.
Your source for everything New York Islanders. Hosts Alex and Steve fill you in on the latest on the ice and off the ice news from Long Island's only major sports team.
Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skateboarding afficianado, Terry Campion, host "Off The Lip" radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, CA.
Tara and Johnny
Figure skating legends, turned commentators, now pop culture icons but more importantly, best friends. Enjoy the ride with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on NBC.
Ice Talk
Icenetwork contributors Nick McCarvel and Jackie Wong talk to athletes, coaches, choreographers and other skating personalities about their experiences in the sport. Nick and Jackie are also joined by fellow members of the media to discuss the latest happenings in the always-entertaining world of figure skating.
Each week we will discuss the mystery that is Lost.With hosts: The Smiley-Faced Balloon and KittyLili.Edited by: scocubGuest Stars have been: scocub (2), PseuMdoYnym (1)
Tic Tac Talk
Beloved Comedians/Actors/Li'l Sweeties Pat Babbitt and Mort Burke discuss their love of skateboarding part by part in this 'cast. Just two adults who love a 4-wheeled toy talking about love, life and loss. Just kidding about the loss part. Also it's funny as shit. Part of the Hello, LionFace podcast network.
Podcasts - Megasequin
We like skating and we like stories, so naturally we like skating stories. But we like certain kinds of skating stories. Not so much the comeback kid stories or the "I worked really hard and then did really well" stories, but more the stories we hear told around our skating community, in reflection, maybe after a few glasses of wine. Why you ask? Because they are often weird and hilarious. Why else? Because they remind us that we are part of a pretty funny community, this skating community o ...
A podcast series dedicated to exploring and educating ourselves and listeners on the cumbersome process of advocating for the development of public skateparks.
Long Weekend
An endless bummer of degenerate surf punk, garage rock, psych, and shoegaze perfect for skating pools, tapping kegs, and doing dirty things on the beach.
Talk Derby To Me
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Fascinating, no holds barred interview with professional skateboarder Emmanuel Guzman.
Join us as we were live on location in New York City at the Adidas Skateboarding “Das Days”. We sat down with Marc Razo, Frankie Spears, Nestor Judkins, R.B. Umali, Ian Michna and Tyshawn Jones Watch the episode
Today on the Show we tried something new. Anthony Shetler and Kevin Klemme sat down and watched some video parts while commentating on the style, tricks, time, period, and more. Hope you guys enjoy this one!Links to the parts we watched:Zered Basset- Vicious Cycle: Knuth- Daylando: https://www.yo ...…
Today we spoke with Jason Chapman, owner of Charmcity Skatepark, and his friend Andy Gardner. We discussed Interstate Video Magazine, skating Brooklyn Banks with Chad Muska, Jason’s introduction to skateboarding, creating a Brandon Novak documentary for the past ten years, opening a skateshop then eventually a skatepark, The Wire TV show, Balti ...…
In the second episode, Christopher Mabee chats with pair skater Elizabeth Putnam, a two-time Canadian bronze medalist with partner Sean Wirtz. A native of Toronto, Elizabeth Putnam began training with Sean Wirtz in July 2002, and the pair won bronze at the 2003 Canadian Championships and placed ninth at their first ISU Four Continents Champions ...…
Episode 183... Finally after 5 weeks of editing, the two bros are back with an annual brothers special from Reno. Lots of '90s reminiscing. Crap load of sarcasm including many songs that are "the baddess ass song ever," calling songs by their wrong names and getting album names wrong (if you're wondering). Download or stream here: Bros in Reno ...…
Brandon Turner discusses moving to Japan at a young age, knocking on Peter Smolik’s door to go skate, getting on Voice Skateboards, Chad Muska calling him to get on Shorty’s, filming for Fulfill The Dream, getting hit by a car breaking his leg and flatlining, Osiris trips, leaving Shortys for Sk8Mafia, making music and much more! Watch the episode…
BIG Poddy today! Olly and Jacob from on the bench come to accept their Clout award and talk Fundies with Ked. Ked and Hal then talk Karlsson and Alex Burrows. We take your twitter questions and answer your voicemails! 3 stars of the week are your top 3 favorite summer time drinks. Be sure to visit our store and use the promo code TMSpromo to sa ...…
This week we sat down with Ted Barrow who you may know as Feedback_TS on Instagram. We discussed living in Manhattan, his current job as a museum curator, meeting Anthony in the five boro days, his first skateboard, going to college in CA and going on to become a college professor, his Instagram page, his opinion on skate artists, the benefits ...…
Mesa Cosa: 666 FUULS: Conniptionfits Makeout Reef: Runaway Together Pangea: Friend of Nothing (Acoustic) The Gnars: Papi Pono AM: Good Vibes Skegss x Dune Rats: New York California (live at The Steps) Alien Mustangs: LSD Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Follow: Instagram | Twitter
Shannon Shaw is our artists spotlight this week! Enjoy tracks from her new album "Shannon In Nashville" in the mix today.00:00 - DJ Emily01:10 - Wherever - Halo Maud06:20 - Breaking My Skin - SC Mira09:37 - Tangerine Tree - Laura Carbone14:09 - 426 - Hana Vu19:02 - Mississippi Radio - Gabrielle Marlena22:35 - DJ Emily23:32 - Cryin' My Eyes Out ...…
In this long overdue episode, Paul and Tyler discuss the potential Erik Karlsson trade, the contracts of Ryan McDonagh and JT Miller, the John Tavares courtship, and possibly do color commentary for a baseball game.
This week Paul Rodriguez stops by to discuss his knee injury, Taylor Nawrocki's "Beastmon" Part, Andy Macdonald Video Part - Linda Vista Skatepark, Jacopo Carozzi's "Stazione Centrale" Part, Nike SB Europe | BCN, WKND "Stories”, Nike SB | Hockey Killshot, Complex Closets - Paul Rodriguez and much more! Watch the episode…
The boys recap the 2018 Free Agency. They talk winners, losers, Tavares, and so much more. Also, did the blues give to much for ROR? Listen and find out.
Join us as we were live on location at Dew Tour. We sat down with Curren Caples, Nick Tucker, Theotis Beasley, Sean Malto, Jordan Maxham, Jaime Owens and Chris Colbourn Watch the episode
It’s Free Agent Frenzy time as Ked and Hal break down all free agent signings and NHL trades before answering your Twitter Questions. The boys talk about the Sabres and Zadina in Heroes and Zeros before letting you know what the top three things they enjoy the most about the best day of the year!
In this episode, the crew gets together to discuss being out of “skate shape,” the new United Skates Documentary film, their trip to Detriot, and much more.
The Mary Veils: Who Are You Ovlov: Short Morgan Yr Glow: I Lost it in You Chicos de Nazca: Take It Down Boozer: Psyched Out The Dimes: Urban Suburban Ladada: Heaven on the Rocks Bass Drum of Death: Just Business The High Curbs: Never Bothered Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Follow: Instagram | Twitter…
The boys talk news, recent signings, trades, and the 2018 Free Agency preview. Where's Johnny T going? Jack Johnson to the Penguins? That and so much more.
Today we sat down with skateboarder and filmer Sam Curran to discuss road rage, attending and graduating from Emerson College, social media's role in skateboarding, the Thrill of it All podcast, favorite movies, and a ton more!Check out Narragansett's Made on Honor Market this Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st:http://www.narragansettbeer.c ...…
Boomer here. I had a chance to talk with Sutton Atkins, who you probably know as Sooty from Sk8skool. We talk about Sooty's background and what got him into coaching, specifically online coaching. You can find Sooty and Sk8skool at www.sk8skoolonline.comHope everyone had a great time at American Championships and hope you had talked with Jimmy ...…
Ernie Torres discusses growing up in Oklahoma, playing basketball as a kid, landing his first kickflip, moving to Kansas City, getting on Real Skateboards, two pro shoes on Adio Footwear, going on tour with Tony Hawk and Bam, ripping the sleeves off of people, his quote book, tour antics, filming for a new homie video and much more! Watch the e ...…
Scotty is difficult, prickly and he's got it all backwards! Sponsored by
Papa makes his podcast debut as the boys go over the NHL draft, trades, the John Carlson contract and where John Tavares might end up. After, the boys present you with the first annual The Morning Skate Award show. We appreciate all the feedback and congratulations to all of the winners! Ked talks about his hatred of fake “insiders” and Papa le ...…
Rikk Agnew: OC Life Safety Pins: Bad Brains Verge Collection: Long Comedown Ranch Ghost: Bleu Beach Skulls: Sun Stork: Best Friend Desert Mountain Tribe: Way Back to You Wives: Cheaters The Light at the End of the Tunnel Was a Train: Surfeur Dead Suffer Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Follow: Instagram | Twitter…
This week we sat down with Skateboarding Photographer Dave Swift. We talked about his years working at Transworld, leaving Transworld to help start the Skateboard Mag, shooting Heath Kirchart's lip slide down El Toro, the transition from magazines to online media, and much more!If you'd like to support the show please check out…
The boys talk news, the NHL Awards, and the 2018 Draft. Lots of potential for big trades and Trotz leaves Washington.
Female music at its finest.00:00 - DJ Emily (Your Dog(instrumental) - Soccer Mommy)01:13 - Road Thoughts - Gabrielle Marlena05:04 - Breaking My Skin - SC Mira08:20 - The Game Is On - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis11:50 - Only Friend in New York City - PMS & The Mood Swings14:11 - DJ Emily15:00 - Cross My Heart - Melody's Echo Chamber21:50 - Desert Horse ...…
Nick McCarvel is joined by fellow Ice Talk co-host Jackie Wong, icenetwork journalist Lynn Rutherford, icenetwork producer Mickey Brown and Ice Talk editor Kate Sullivan as they look back on the 11-year run of icenetwork. The five of them talk about the early days of the website, discuss what made the site such a valuable resource for figure sk ...…
This week we discuss Shane O’neill leaves Primitive, Primitive Skate “Never” video, Zion Wright's "REAL" Part, Parliament and The Bay present...Mike Lawry, Erick Winkowski's "Indy" Part, Beau Reid | Visual Buffet, Christian Maalouf's "WKND" Part, Deathwish Part Two: Lizard King and Jon Dickson, Out of Sight : Home is Where the Heart Is and much ...…
Two giants in the world of surfing were my guests this week, Bob Pearson from Arrow Surfboards, and 3x Mavericks Champion Darryl "Flea" Virostko.
Tim Dowling discusses growing up in Santa Monica CA, getting his first camera, being the occasional filmer for World Industries, filming the first Girl video “Goldfish”, everything you wanted to know about Guy’s part in “Mouse”, filming Gabriel Rodriguez for the Chocolate video “Las Nueve Vidas De Paco”, his Transworld “Cinematographer” part, t ...…
Fathers Day Special! After talking about the Ottawa drama, John Tavares and more, Keds old man hops on the podcast to talk Rangers. We take Twitter Questions, Voicemails with a twist, the boys give their Heroes and Zeros of the week and finish with the Top 3 Things to look forward too about being a hockey dad!…
My Niece Raven and I sat down for a serious conversation about dogs, sign language, school, Gymnastics and more!!
Yo whats up guys its Kevin, Im now interning for Anthony so I’ll be giving the intro to this episode!For todays guest we got Chris Trembley, a long time friend of Anthony’s and is an amazing skateboarder. We discussed him getting hooked up by Delux, some injuries including breaking his cheekbone, Skateboarding in the olympics, traveling to SF w ...…
Thank you to Kim Moriarity, Rocky Snyder, Duke Brouwer and more who were in studio to talk about Jay, and the upcoming Jay Race.
If Roller skating was to become a fad again and gain national attention, would that be a good or bad thing? Sponsored by
Tony Hawk discusses his brother giving him his first skateboard and that board ending up in the Smithsonian, getting on Powell Peralta, filming “The Search For Animal Chin”, starting Birdhouse, doing 50 tricks at age 50, the 900, why he started The Tony Hawk Foundation, Tony Hawks Pro Skater video games, getting on Lakai Footwear, the technique ...…
The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions! Ked and Hal talk all things Capitals, celebration and Alex Ovechkin. The boys take your twitter questions and voicemails before getting to Heroes and Zeros. Lastly, the boys let you know the top three things they look forward to until next season!
Well that's it kids. The Caps did it. The boys talk game 5, Vegas and Washington's future, a little season wrap up, and so much more.
Time to talk coaching on this episode of Skate Talk with Boomer and the Coach! We talk with Bob about his background, how he incorporates principles of cycling training into skating and some of his favorite drills. Thank you so much for all the support. And big thanks to Jimmy Blair and Pinnacle Racing for all they do for Skate Talk with Boomer ...…
Your all-female music mix.00:00 - DJ Emily01:22 - Mexico - Sc Mira05:10 - Breaking My Skin - Sc Mira08:28 - Give It Up - Sc Mira11:29 - Noose - Sc Mira14:36 - DJ Emily14:52 - Cold Baby - Liz Brasher18:38 - Make Love Not Sense - Abbe May22:22 - Los Angeles - Peach Kelli Pop23:37 - Consider Me Mean - Neighbor Lady27:50 - Paloma - Sibille Attar34: ...…
We sit down with Beau Rich to learn about living with Cystic Fibrosis and how skateboarding has helped save his life. BMX pro Dakota Roche stops by to discuss “Kelly’s comment” about pegs chunking up ledges and also being a fan of skateboarding himself. We dive into Austyn Gillette’s “Radiant Cure” FORMER Part, Rick McCrank’s new show “POST RAD ...…
In this episode, Paul and Tyler take a look at Ghosts of Hockey Present, Past, and Future. They talk about the 2017-2018 season for the Tampa Bay Lightning, what this offseason may hold, and ponder where the Bolts go from here. They also drop some food recommendations, manage to reference every other major sport, and finally disagree on something.…
Thanks you to all the friends that submitted a Question for this episode! You guys rule!! Please check out for EPIC SKATEBOARD SHIT!!
Steven Cales discusses growing up in Brooklyn NY, getting on Alva flow and buying $20 boards, flying out to California for the first time, skating for Blue Skateboards, Gonz putting him on ATM Click, going to prison for the first time, leaving 60/40 for World Industries, his battle with drugs, getting shot in the face, skating for Menace, recen ...…
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