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Podcast by FBCSpiro
Taking its name from the Latin word spiro (which can mean literally to breathe or exhale but also figuratively to be alive, inspired, and expressive), this podcast tells stories of inspiring men and women through song. Each series is based upon the life of an inspiring individual in history, and each episode in that series contains original music as well as historical background behind the lyrics. This podcast highlights the beautiful marriage between music and history; at its purest form, h ...
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This song accompanies the podcast Ernie Pyle: Italy 1943-44.
This song accompanies the podcast Ernie Pyle: Italy 1943-44.
The winter of 1943-44 was brutal and harsh, as Ernie faced his own close call with death as well as the constant brutality of war.
This song is a supplement to the episode, "The Fabulous Infantry."
Ernie's main claim to fame is his devotion to the common foot-soldier, the "G.I. Joe." This episode details his attachment to the 34th Infantry.
This original song by Tom Prible tells the story of Ernie Pyle's troubled marriage.
Every relationship is complicated, but Ernie and his wife Jerry had a really complicated relationship. This episode chronicles the difficult and sometimes tragic nature of their marriage. A supplement to this episode is the original song, "Let's Get it Right."
Road trip, anyone? Some of us can't wait to get into the car, while others can't wait to get out. This episode describes one of the greatest road trips of all time--when Ernie Pyle and his wife Jerry spent five years travelling across the U.S. Pyle would write over 2.5 million words and become a widely-syndicated columnist during this time. A s ...…
This song tells about Ernie's early career as a columnist reporting stories from around the country. It is a supplement to Episode 3 of the Spiro podcast, "Ernie Pyle: Cross-Country Traveler."
This song was written and recorded by Tom Prible to chronicle Ernie Pyle's early life in Dana, Indiana.
This episode details Ernie's childhood, growing up in the small town of Dana, Indiana. A supplement to this episode is the original song "Dana."
Who is Ernie Pyle? Does anyone care, and should they? This episode provides an introduction to this compelling historical figure and why his life is still relevant today.
Intro/MSU Sexual Assault Scandal 0:00 - 9:00Chris Frey 9:08 - 29:22Gregg Henson 29:30 - 1:02:58Things I Like (Mike Valenti Pistons Address) 1:03:02 - 1:05:43Things I Don't Like (Hondo Carpenter MSU Tweet)1:05:48 - End
Intro/Graham Couch Hot Take 1:02 - 9:40Anthony Wright on MSU Basketball, U of M football and basketball 9:50 - 45:57Things I Do Like (Stan Van Gundy responds to Lavar Ball) 46:00 - 55:20Things I Don't Like (Andre Drummond silencing the crowd while down 30 points) 55:21 - end
Intro 0:00 - 2:54Ken Holland Likely Retiring 2:55 - 12:14Jim Caldwell Firing 12:22 - 22:55Things I Like (Matt Patricia Rumors) 23:01 - 33:06Things I Don't Like (Luke Kennard over Donovan Mitchell)33:09 - End
Strength and Conditioning guru Mike Barwis takes us behind the scenes of Michigan's "Rich Rod" era and the Free Press investigation of the football program.
Who should the next Tigers manager be? And ridiculous war stories from baseball road trips.
Were the last 10 years of Tigers Baseball really that good? And will the Lions be ANY good?
Famed political consultant Roger Stone joins the show to discuss his career in politics, what it is like to work for Donald Trump, who really killed JFK, and the Antifa vs. Alt-Right war.
Justin sits down in studio with Steve Neavling and Chad Livengood to discuss the current state of Detroit and what it takes to be a good journalist.
Justin breaks down the Tiger's moves at the trade deadline. Later, Tony Paul of the Detroit News gives his thoughts on the trades and the future of the Tigers organization.
Justin tackles the Jermaine Edmondson and Draymond Green legal situation. Durrell Summers joins the podcast to discuss his career at Michigan State and critics of his difficult senior season.
Justin Spiro goes in-depth with Justin Rogers about the Detroit Lions and working as the beat writer for the Detroit News. Later, Darien Harris joins the show to talk to Justin about his experiences as a captain at MSU and the current state of the Spartan football team.
Justin Spiro sat down in studio with former Red Wings trainer John Wharton who served as the teams trainer from 1990-2002. Craig Custance also joins the show to talk about the new Detroit publication 'The Athletic'.
Justin Spiro sits down in studio with former University of Michigan Basketball player Anthony Wright. They discuss the current state of Michigan Hoops, what the future holds for them, and Kevin Durant stories. After, former Michigan Standout and current Columbus Blue Jacket, Jack Johnson joins Justin on the phone to talk about Redwings, Wolveri ...…
Justin Spiro and Chris Castellini talk about the 2017 Detroit Tigers. Justin Spiro goes over his winners and losers for the week.
Host Justin Spiro tackles the Avery Bradley trade and the future of the Detroit Pistons. Also, Ryan Schuiling of the Team 92.1 FM Lansing joins the program to discuss the Pistons and the future of Michigan State football.
Justin Spiro debuts his new show with hits on the Chris Ilitch/Tigers ownership situation, Ken Holland's flawed vision, and the best and worst of the Detroit media this week.
The Ex Factor Part 2 Feb 28 16 by FBCSpiro
Feb 20 2016 The Ex Factor by FBCSpiro
Spiro FBC Feb 14 2016 by FBCSpiro
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