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The Jay & Tay Show
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, ladies and gentlemen and everything in between! We are Jarred Stephen Meek and Taylor Long, otherwise known as Jay and Tay! We are not your average podcast, we think. We're kind of just saying that. Because we do whatever we want here on The Jay & Tay Show. With our fun segments, we get real about things like Sex, Love, Friendships, and everything else that goes on in our day to day lives! Join us!
LibriVox volunteers bring you nine different readings of The Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay, by William McGonagall, to celebrate April Fool's Day. Scottish poet William McGonagall is widely considered to be one of the worst poets of the English language. He wrote this poem in honor of The Tay Rail Bridge which was opened in 1878 and which subsequently collapsed a year later, causing the death of 75 train passengers, and inspiring McGonagall to write yet famously bad poem entitled The Tay ...
Tay Grines
A professional digital marketing strategist like so many others but unlike everyone else
Tay: The Podcast
A weekly show recapping what is happening on the many productions from
Young Tay
TAY Talk
The official podcast of Talk Amongst Yourselves, the Kotaku reader-run community. Join hosts DisturbedShadow and Rer and various guests from the TAY community as they discuss the latest goings on in the realm of video games.
All human knowledge at your eartips
Sippin Tay
Sippin’ Tay is a podcast where Taylor pours everyone a cup of the latest tea. Discussions on pop culture, media, relationships, friendships, mental health, and all things being a young black woman. Become a supporter of this podcast:
On December 28th 1879, the Tay Bridge collapsed as a train passed over it, killing all 75 passengers on board. At the time of this tragedy, the Tay Bridge was the longest bridge in the world, and to this day the accident remains the worst structural disaster the UK has ever seen. This album attempts to unlock the mystery of this catastrophe, through several plausible explanations and expert opinions. This material forms part of the course T173 Engineering the future.
The ramblings of a day of the life of me and my observations unfiltered.
A raw and real podcast about relationships, communication, politics, entertainment and just life in general.
Tay Time
Tay Tay Inspires
Welcome to the Tay Tay Inspires podcast, where amazing things happen when you open your heart and close your mind
Lil Tay
Tay Smooth
Welcome to the Tay Smooth podcast, where amazing things happen.
Rae and Tay Today
Rae and Tay are talking sports with friends. The show consists of creative segments, elaborate banter, passionate debating, listener call-ins and interviews with current and former athletes, coaches, journalists, and entertainers. The topics we cover include NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football and basketball as well as other major sports and events in Golf, Tennis, Boxing, NASCAR and NHL. Rae And Tay Today is clever and humorous with an urban edge. We engage each other and invite our audience to si ...
Tay Talks
Podcast talking about everything and anything. I just have a lot to say basically.Let me know what you think: tweet me :)Follow me on twitter: TayTalkss
Tea Time with Tay is a podcast series in which Taylor Lindsay-Noel alongside her special guests sit down, brew some tea, then spill it!
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I quickly go over my initial thoughts on #BlackOps4, #Zombies, Traditional #Multiplayer and #Blackout. #PS4PRO
Today I have a quick chat about money and how to save meaningfully. Some quick tips on better financial management for a beginner like me!
My thoughts on the calm before the storm with all of the #games coming out. #REDDEADREDEMPTION2, #PS4, #XBOX, #BATTLEFIELDV, #CODBLACKOPS4, and #GAMING as a whole.
Today I have a short chat about the importance of friends and why we should make sure our friends just aren't Yes Men.
Join us as we ttalk about sex trafficking and how some in the sports world are helping to address this terrible phenomenon. We will speak with Elizabeth Melendez Fisher and Scott Manthorne of the the Selah Way Foundation whose goal is to erradicate sex trafficking. They work with athletes including former NFL star Tony Richardson and NBA star T ...…
The ramblings of wine and current thoughts.
Tay and Nego get into discussing love, lust and the importance of self awareness in the dating game.
This is it folks....this time for real. Yes, it's over! Listen to the episode to find out why, but this is the final episode of The Jay & Tay Show. So, we're reliving our favourite memories and guests, plus of course talking about sex and making a cariboo confession! So, sit back and enjoy! It may be the end of the podcast, but Jay & Tay are ne ...…
Hey guys! You loved our last ASMR episode, in fact it was the top listened to episode! So we decided to do another full ASMR episode for you! We play with a lot of cool things, and we do some reading, and a "guess that item" game. Hope you enjoy! Check out our social media for some video footage.FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL ...…
This week we're doing things a little differently! We sat down with no agenda, and just talked for a while! We caught you up on our lives, which includes impending graduation, starting to get on track with health and fitness, including intermittent fasting. We also chat about our new place we're living in, and the fact that fall is coming, and ...…
Of course I was drinking my water & minding my business. But NOTHING WAS WORKING! Become a supporter of this podcast:
It's okay to be stingy with your dreams. Become a supporter of this podcast:
This week we're talking BACK TO SCHOOL! We cover everything from our elementary school memories, from pranking teachers and almost getting expelled, to field trips, and getting bullied! And of course, everyones favourite thing about back to school, new school supplies! So get educated with US and listen now!FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:www.faceboo ...…
This week we are spilling ALL THE TEA on our recent dating experiences. We talk about ghosting, some flaky guys, a good first date, and we answer all the polls we asked you on instagram! (Y'all really came through and made for some good discussions!)FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL ...…
This week we take it back to the 90s! We're revisting the topic that made us go on our hiatus...listen to the episode to find out why. We talk music, tv shows, fashion, trends, food and so much more! We asked you to pick between some of your favourite shows and singers, and we reveal those poll results! Join us and relive some of the best times ...…
Episode 3 of the #UncensoredPodcastFollow Me on ALL Social Media!!! #HitmanTheMovement
This week, we're recapping our experiences at PRIDE 2018 in Vancouver! Including the pride parade, falling in love with Justin Trudeau, getting WAY TOO EFFING HIGH and drunk, chugging warm alcohol in parking lots, and the fact that TRIXIE MATTEL STOLE FROM JARRED! We also touch on the side effects and body image issues that come with pride, and ...…
Tay gives the tea on overcoming stress. Become a supporter of this podcast:
This week we talk all about choking the chicken. Flicking the bean. Beating your meat. Saucing the Taco. Buffin' the muffin'. Painting the pickle....AKA, MASTURBATION! We get real with y'all. We answer some questions (like when's the last time you masturbated), we play Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, and so much more! We also bring back ou ...…
Episode 2 of the #UncensoredPodcastFollow Me on ALL Social Media!!! #HitmanTheMovement
This week we've got quite a different episode for you guys! We go FULL ASMR! We do all sorts of different triggers to ease your anxiety and help you sleep. But we have a feeling we may have done the opposite. We ended up getting a little crazy and lighting a condom on didn't go well.FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL ...…
You got it...this week were talking everything DICKS! We play Marry Fuck Kill, with celebrity dick pics, we talk about the time Tay gave a handjob while watching Finding Dory, and Jay's hookup at Camp, as well as discuss all the questions like cut or uncut, size vs girth and so much more! Also we'd like to apologize for blowing your eardrums a ...…
We're back...Kawhi Leonard is off to the Raptors for DeMar DeRozan. Who got the better end of the deal? Can Toronto finally get over the hump in the Eastern Conference, and will Leonard stay past this year? Another superstar, Manny Machado, was traded from Baltimore to Los Angeles. We'll discuss and review the MLB All Star festivities. We will ...…
Trusting the process. Become a supporter of this podcast:
WE'RE BACK! After a much needed break, we are BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! We're kicking off Season 2 with some brand new segments! We've got "Sexcapades", where we tell you a story of a hilarious hookup (This week Tay talks about hickies, and Jay talks about douching and flooding the toilet). We've also got "Marry, F*ck, Kill", "Reading Yelp Rev ...…
Tay gives the tea on dating for "potential". Or whatever that means. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Rae & Tay are talking NBA Free Agency 2018! In just two days there have been many moves, but none bigger than Magic Johnson and his Lakers signing LeBron James to a 4yr 154M deal. Lakers also kept KCP & added Lance Stephenson/Javale McGee. Mavericks land DeAndre Jordan to a 1yr deal after he left them hanging 3 years ago. Paul George returned t ...…
Tay says, "challenge yourself". Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on self love. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on social media etiquette. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on friendships. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Check out our 2018 NBA Draft Preview Show! We will discuss all that is going on with trade rumors flying around the draft and players like Kawhi Leonard. Will the Suns keep the #1 pick and take Arizona's DeAndre Ayton? Who will be a future MVP? Will Duke and Villanova both have 4 players taken in the 1st round? We will discuss trades and which ...…
How Sippin' Tay came to fruition. Become a supporter of this podcast:
We have an announcement... thank you to everyone who's supported us. See our facebook for the full video.FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL
It's our 30th episode! This week we are once again talking about SEX! But theres a twist...we found a fun little book with some questions and interviews about sex, and we're going to answer some of the questions. PLUS, as you can guess by the title, we are going to interview some STRANGERS about sex! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL ...…
Episode 1 of the "Uncensored" podcastFollow me on Twitter & IG @HMGTay#Like #Share #Comment
Are you ready for NBA Finals rematch part 4? We will preview Cavs vs Warriors and tell you who will win and why!! Kevin Love was cleared to play game 1, but will that make a difference? Will Warriors sweep? Can LeBron win a game? We will discuss how both team won game 7 and took down Celtics and Rockets and how it might effect LeBron James free ...…
This week we talk about one of the best things in the world...THE WIZARD OF OZ! We talk about where Jarred's obsession began, his tattoo, Judy Garland and her life, we take quizzes, and have a gay old time! Want to help us continue to create better content? DONATE TO OUR GOFUNDME! us on social media:www.fa ...…
This week, we go back in time to the dark dark times of 2007 and beyond. We dig into our old facebook posts from years past, we read our old blogs and stories, we google ourselves, and we search our names on Urban Dictionary. Hope you enjoy!SOCIAL ...…
This week we're talking some more about DATING! Including what we're looking for on dates, our tips on how to get a date and make it successful, sharing some of our stories and so much more! Follow us on social media! our website!…
Can you believe it's been 20 years since David Wells pitched a perfect game for the New York Yankees? We will be speaking with Boomer himself and will chat about that magical afternoon and his fantastic 20-year career. We will talk World Series and what it means to him, and explore some of his favorite teams and moments. What was it like being ...…
This week we have a list of 85 Questions and we use a random number generator to pick which ones we answer! We get to things like, Would you take your ex back? Do looks matter? Was your last sexual experience satisfying? Have you experienced unrequited love? And SO MANY MORE! See you next week when we give our advice on DATING!Follow us on soci ...…
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