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Ani-TAY Podcast
A podcast made by the Kotaku reader-run anime community Ani-TAY, a sub-community of Talk Amongst Yourselves. The Ani-TAY Podcast features Kotaku author Richard Eisenbeis and Ani-TAY Community members FruityDrinks (Ken), Dexomega (David) and Rockmandash12 (Kevin)! This podcast is dedicated to the latest seasonal anime & discussing broad open subjects about anime in general. In addition to the main cast, we also feature a different guest from the community every episode!
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, ladies and gentlemen and everything in between! We are Jarred Stephen Meek and Taylor Long, otherwise known as Jay and Tay! We are not your average podcast, we think. We're kind of just saying that. Because we do whatever we want here on The Jay & Tay Show. With our fun segments, we get real about things like Sex, Love, Friendships, and everything else that goes on in our day to day lives! Join us!
Tom and Taylor Terrible review horror films of all kinds, including current and past films and all subgeneres. Nothing is off limits for these two obsessive horror fans.
Tay Tay Inspires
Welcome to the Tay Tay Inspires podcast, where amazing things happen when you open your heart and close your mind
TAY Talk
The official podcast of Talk Amongst Yourselves, the Kotaku reader-run community. Join hosts DisturbedShadow and Rer and various guests from the TAY community as they discuss the latest goings on in the realm of video games.
Taye Balogun
I am a pan African Storyteller who is very much interested in education, culture, youth and development.
Tay Time
Eight year old, Taylor, sits with his Mom to talk and tell stories about his life a person with Autism and ADHD. His mission is to connect with other kids just like him who feel alone or left out sometimes because they are different.
A raw and real podcast about relationships, communication, politics, entertainment and just life in general.
Tay Smooth
Welcome to the Tay Smooth podcast, where amazing things happen.
Lil Tay
Tay Does That
Tay Does That - A podcast about everything......
Handmade jewelry and promoting my book on sweek
Rae and Tay Today
Rae and Tay are talking sports with friends. The show consists of creative segments, elaborate banter, passionate debating, listener call-ins and interviews with current and former athletes, coaches, journalists, and entertainers. The topics we cover include NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football and basketball as well as other major sports and events in Golf, Tennis, Boxing, NASCAR and NHL. Rae And Tay Today is clever and humorous with an urban edge. We engage each other and invite our audience to si ...
T-mobile Taye
Welcome to the T-mobile Taye podcast, where amazing things happen. We will talk about deals pain points trouble shooting techniques right at your fingertips
Tay: The Podcast
A weekly show recapping what is happening on the many productions from
Tea Time with Tay is a podcast series in which Taylor Lindsay-Noel alongside her special guests sit down, brew some tea, then spill it!
Tay Bridge disaster - for iBooks
LibriVox volunteers bring you nine different readings of The Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay, by William McGonagall, to celebrate April Fool's Day. Scottish poet William McGonagall is widely considered to be one of the worst poets of the English language. He wrote this poem in honor of The Tay Rail Bridge which was opened in 1878 and which subsequently collapsed a year later, causing the death of 75 train passengers, and inspiring McGonagall to write yet famously bad poem entitled The Tay ...
All human knowledge at your eartips
A native of the San Francisco Bay, and I hold a BA in Communications & Media Technology. I am the Executive Producer of my own podcast show. My motto in life is to #Live #Learn #Grow
On December 28th 1879, the Tay Bridge collapsed as a train passed over it, killing all 75 passengers on board. At the time of this tragedy, the Tay Bridge was the longest bridge in the world, and to this day the accident remains the worst structural disaster the UK has ever seen. This album attempts to unlock the mystery of this catastrophe, through several plausible explanations and expert opinions. This material forms part of the course T173 Engineering the future.
Ur now rockin with tha listeners are soo royal! #multimedia #fakenews #yaplaycousin #solisten take a break from life with ya gurl!
Murder, infidelity, suicide, arson, overdose, religious cults, drug trafficking; this podcast explores the alleged true crime antics and criminal connections of musicians we love like Jerry Lee Lewis, Beck, The Rolling Stones, Tay K-47, Tupac Shakur, Mayhem, Van Morrison and many more. Why? Because real rock stars are more like feral, narcissistic animals than functioning members of society and that is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining. If you love true crime and you love music ...
Comedy & life stories from Irish duo The 2 Johnnies.Hotter than fresh tay.Weekly Podcasts.3 Irish no.1 singles.Comedy show on tour now.Snapchat: johnnybtippman & johnnysmacksInstagram:
Podcast. We talk about vaginas. Hosted by: Chantay 'Tay' & Jackie 'Jay'. For inquiries, suggestions, or networking email us:
Tay and Nick Doing their Thing with their Basic Equipment
Inspiring modern khaleeji artist Balqees discusses her career and life in the music industry. Hosted by Alison Tay at the Apple Store, Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.
Da Truth 👑
My name is Tay Tay and I am a young Motivational Speaker I just recently started my campaign called DaTruth 👑 follow me as I find my voice 😍
Willy Chin from Black Chiney SoundCalypso (Willy Chin Remix) - GBM NutronNo Laziness - Ketchup feat. Bunji GarlinFar From Finished - VoiceFull Extreme (Willy Chin 24k Remix) - Ultimate RejectsFreaky Girls - Ricky T & Eempey SlickerFast Wine - Machel MontanoCyah Wait - Erphaan AlvesGet Up And Move (Bubble) (Willy Chin Refix) - Hypa SoundsShake - Kes and Kernal RobertsGirls - Fay-Ann LyonsBig Bad Soca - Bunji GarlinFete You - R. CityI'll Be Ok - RupeeTechnically - Farmer Nappy & DestraDrink Ki ...
VIENNA - AUSTRIAAJAY - DEEJAY / PRODUCER Supports:Big Sean, J Capri, Charlie XCX ,Kid Ink, Lloyd Banks, Dawn Richard, Sean Kingston, DMX, Justin Bieber, Tay James, LES TWINS,OmarionFatman Scoop , Simon Desue,"Music is not a question of taste but a matter of attitude." , ∆J∆Y
Full Fledge Mixes, we want to take You higher, #ascend higher, Mixing music from various genres and Independent Artists/Producers. send beats/songs to and be heard on a future Mix! Music Selections by Tay Svpreme Mixed by DJ IV-E , follow Producer Tay Svpreme:
A podcast for women’s hockey fans, by women’s hockey fans. Join co-hosts Lauren, Tay, and Alice as they bring you a fun and relatable biweekly chat about your favourite sport.
Destination Arete
Welcome to the Destination Arete Podcast! (pronounced ah-reh-TAY) Check us out at or interact with us on Twitter @destarete. Arete: excellence, virtue; a high mountain peak
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Listen in on this delightful interview with David's actor and director friend Anna! Mark and David also share their personal acting experiences and then have some fun discussing popular actors in a wide variety of roles!
Lots of country music stars wear the black hat but none of them wore it with more authenticity than Johnny Paycheck. Johnny Cash may have bragged about shooting a man “just to watch him die” but Johnny Paycheck actually pulled the trigger. He was a true outlaw and totally hardcore. Hardcore honky tonk.…
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issues.This week:Now that the boom is back, what are we splashing the cash on? We are look ahead to the All-Ireland hurling final Noel's NewsMaura's mystery topic.Yurt or DurtGet in touch: Snapchat & Instagram: johnnybtippman & JohnnySmacksLive podcast tickets on sale now. See Ticketmaster for more ...…
Tom and Tay review the crime drama Summer of Sam, and Tom reviews Slender Man, then hilarity ensues.
This week, we're recapping our experiences at PRIDE 2018 in Vancouver! Including the pride parade, falling in love with Justin Trudeau, getting WAY TOO EFFING HIGH and drunk, chugging warm alcohol in parking lots, and the fact that TRIXIE MATTEL STOLE FROM JARRED! We also touch on the side effects and body image issues that come with pride, and ...…
DJ GriF8 drops another mix teaser on the way for the Podcast for those Warm, late, summer nights!Destructo - Loaded ft Yo GottiShiba San - Okay (Claude VIP) w/ Claptone - Stronger (Remix)RL Grime - NOVA Techno (Mashup)Chris Lake & Anna Lunoe - Stomper M.I.A. - Real Sativa Nite P.O.W.A.feat. Rae Sremmurd & DestructoRL Grime - Trap Lights (Mashup ...…
Our trip down memory lane ends with an in-depth analysis of Nest Family Entertainment and the videos they made in the late 80s and early 90s. These animated stories were a HUGE part of David and Mark's childhood and we hope you enjoy hearing us reminisce about the good ol' days!
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issues.This Week:Ireland's relationship with alcohol ,We answer all the questions we've received so far.Noel's NewsMaura's mystery topic.Yurt or DurtGet in touch Snapchat & Insta : johnnybtippman & JohnnySmacksLive podcast tickets on sale now.
This week we talk all about choking the chicken. Flicking the bean. Beating your meat. Saucing the Taco. Buffin' the muffin'. Painting the pickle....AKA, MASTURBATION! We get real with y'all. We answer some questions (like when's the last time you masturbated), we play Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, and so much more! We also bring back ou ...…
For a bear of very little brain, he sure brings a very lot of fun and enjoyment to millions every year. Listen in as David and Mark reminisce about the second-biggest influence on their childhood years.
Willy Chin presents Busy FilesBusy Signal Mixtape 2018IntroCyaan Stop The Food FreestyleDem Waah Try FreestyleStay So (Dubplate)Brand New Machine (New Box Riddim)Interlude - Bill Cosby (Busy Speaks) Don’t Hurt My FeelingsIt Never All thatTun it On (Sound The Horns)JumpBruck Dung The BedFuck the Summer Up FreestyleInterlude - Real Bad Man (Busy ...…
Frank Sinatra had it all. Then lost it all. Then got it all back tenfold. He was a man of extreme talent, confidence and insecurity. And he had powerful and dangerous friends. He orchestrated some of the greatest music ever made and he also orchestrated an alliance between one friend, mob boss, Sam Giancana and another friend, John F. Kennedy t ...…
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issues.This week:Ireland's sexiest man, and we discuss the modern man's move towards grooming, is it too far?Inspirational people.Retired hard man Noel has a special edition of his news.Maura's mystery topic.Yurt or DurtGet in touch #2johnniespodSnapchat: johnnybtippman & JohnnysmacksInstagram : the ...…
This week we've got quite a different episode for you guys! We go FULL ASMR! We do all sorts of different triggers to ease your anxiety and help you sleep. But we have a feeling we may have done the opposite. We ended up getting a little crazy and lighting a condom on didn't go well.FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL ...…
Find out how Richard Scarry played a big role in David and Mark's formative years as they look back at the world-famous illustrator and the impact he had on Destination Arete and generations of children around the globe.
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issues, this week:The Pope is coming to Ireland, all you need to know for surviving the big mass, who we'd like to see preform at it and our thoughts on it.The management of sports grounds, big week in the GAA with the Liam Miller story, also pitch invasions and the music and showmanship around big ...…
You got it...this week were talking everything DICKS! We play Marry Fuck Kill, with celebrity dick pics, we talk about the time Tay gave a handjob while watching Finding Dory, and Jay's hookup at Camp, as well as discuss all the questions like cut or uncut, size vs girth and so much more! Also we'd like to apologize for blowing your eardrums a ...…
Paul, Apostle of Christ is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray. David and Mark discuss the storytelling techniques and plot setup that made this movie the best they've seen in 2018. Listen in as they share their favorite things about Andrew Hyatt's feature debut as a director and screenwriter.…
We're back...Kawhi Leonard is off to the Raptors for DeMar DeRozan. Who got the better end of the deal? Can Toronto finally get over the hump in the Eastern Conference, and will Leonard stay past this year? Another superstar, Manny Machado, was traded from Baltimore to Los Angeles. We'll discuss and review the MLB All Star festivities. We will ...…
We're back! Our abrupt hiatus has officially ended and in celebration of Alice's birthday, we had a few drinks and talked about our favourite topic: women's hockey. In this episode we mainly discuss Hayley Wickenheiser's comments to The Athletic, and related topics. It's...a wild ride y'all. Listen to us on RadioPublic! It's a free app that pay ...…
Motley Crue frontman, Vince Neil totaled his Ford Pantera on a beer run and took the life of his friend Razzle Dingley, drummer for Hanoi Rocks in the process. Bassist, Nikki Sixx survived multiple heroin overdoses. Guitarist Mick Mars walked away from a blackout drunk drowning and drummer, Tommy Lee lived through his own Caligula-like Sunset S ...…
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issues:This weekThe Irish Presidential race, from Michael D to Marty Morrissey, we go through the contenders and who we'd like to see in the top job.Best sports fans in the world.Retired hardman Noel with his local NewsMaura's mystery topicand some tales from our tour of California.Have your say #2j ...…
WE'RE BACK! After a much needed break, we are BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! We're kicking off Season 2 with some brand new segments! We've got "Sexcapades", where we tell you a story of a hilarious hookup (This week Tay talks about hickies, and Jay talks about douching and flooding the toilet). We've also got "Marry, F*ck, Kill", "Reading Yelp Rev ...…
Rabbit adventures are the topic of today's episode as the guys discuss David's #3 favorite book of all time. Put on your long ears and listen up as we delve into Richard Adam's beloved tale of rabbits searching for a new
John Lennon was a walking contradiction: a violent pacifist and a creative genius marred by creative inconsistency. He was gunned down just as he was getting his groove back by Mark David Chapman, a self-loathing narcissist obsessed with his contradictory hero, John Lennon, Lennon’s musical rival, Todd Rundgren and J.D. Salinger’s angsty, Holde ...…
John Lennon was a walking contradiction: a violent pacifist and a creative genius marred by creative inconsistency. He was gunned down just as he was getting his groove back by Mark David Chapman, a self-loathing narcissist obsessed with his contradictory hero, John Lennon, Lennon’s musical rival, Todd Rundgren and J.D. Salinger’s angsty, Holde ...…
As DJ GriF8 heads off above International sea celebrating his Birthday Weekend, Full Fledge wishes You a safe and fun Journey!This Mix made its debut on the Outlook Soundclash Competition as submission & is packed with various styles of Music, EDM, Reggae, Dance, Hip Hop, Trap, GriF8 brings various flavors into this Mix for You to check out and ...…
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issuesThis week:Touring west coast of America Noel's NewsMaura's mystery topicIs it OK to support England in the World Cup?Have your say #2johnniespodSnapchat: johnnybtippman & JohnnysmacksInstagram : the2johnniesNew single out now!
Hi again ghosts and ghouls! We're back with a review of another serial killer film (because we're obsessed, sorry not sorry), Zodiac! It's a classic. If you have any suggestions about what you want us to review next, let us know! We'd love to hear your suggestions!
Meet Patrick Farley, the newest member of the Destination Arete collective! Mark had a chance to sit down for a brief conversation with Patrick who has been illustrating our most recent blog series. We are thrilled to work with such a talented artist! - 0:10Feelings - 3:57Fun -6:58…
Rae & Tay are talking NBA Free Agency 2018! In just two days there have been many moves, but none bigger than Magic Johnson and his Lakers signing LeBron James to a 4yr 154M deal. Lakers also kept KCP & added Lance Stephenson/Javale McGee. Mavericks land DeAndre Jordan to a 1yr deal after he left them hanging 3 years ago. Paul George returned t ...…
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issuesThis week:We interview champion jockey and all-round sound lad Davy RussellNoel's NewsMaura's mystery topicBiggest fears in life Have your say #2johnniespodSnapchat: johnnybtippman & JohnnysmacksInstagram : the2johnniesNew single out now!
To celebrate the Fourth of July we take a few minutes to discuss everyone's favorite Nicolas Cage movie: National Treasure. We look at some little-known facts and talk about what made this movie so much fun to watch. Happy Independence Day! - 2:54Feelings - 12:40Fun - 22:50…
What happens when the hardest working man in show business takes a break? Idle hands are indeed the devil’s workshop. This episode will detail James Brown’s scorching career as well as the scorching high speed chase he led cops on that led to his arrest and jail sentencing for drugs and firearms.
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issuesThis week:Stay or go?? Emigrating from Ireland - the big debate.Our favourite and least loved Pundits and commentators .Noel's NewsLove Island commentaryMaura's mystery topicHave your say #2johnniespodSnapchat: johnnybtippman & JohnnysmacksInstagram : the2johnniesNew Single out now!…
Mark sits down for a= great interview with filmmaker Jill Mitchell and then the guys discuss documentary - 0:10Favorite Documentaries - 11:45Fun Segment - 29:40
Check out our 2018 NBA Draft Preview Show! We will discuss all that is going on with trade rumors flying around the draft and players like Kawhi Leonard. Will the Suns keep the #1 pick and take Arizona's DeAndre Ayton? Who will be a future MVP? Will Duke and Villanova both have 4 players taken in the 1st round? We will discuss trades and which ...…
In March 1996, “King of the Club Kids”, promoter Michael Alig, after appearing on TV’s Geraldo and on the cover of New York Magazine, bashed his friend and DJ, Angel Melendez in the head with a hammer, who died quickly. His body was then dismembered and stuffed into a duct taped cardboard box. Alig proceeded to tell any one of his friends from ...…
Ireland's favourite comedy duo tackle the big issuesThis week:Leadership, Who and what makes you believe in them, sport, politics, business.Guilty pleasures: the boys come clean on some seriously embarrassing things they get up to off camera.The world cupNoel's NewsMaura's Mystery topicHave your say #2johnniespodInstagram: the2johnniesFacebook. ...…
Tracklist:Sepalcure - Fight For Us ft. Rochelle Jordan (CRi Remix)Taliwhoah - MedsFull Crate - A Storm on a Summers Day (feat. GAIDAA)Promnite - Love i needChris Malinchak - Call My Name (Original)Jerreau Vandal - Like i love you ft. MLD (VANDALIZED EDIT)A1-Subjoi - Love Shy (Subjoi's Tuff Jam Rework)Wolf Cub, Roland Garros - DesverreStorm Quee ...…
This week I touch on why it's so important to guard your mind. After a number of high profile celebrity suicides....I am concern that this will become the new normal. Mental awareness is something that should be a daily part of our lives.
This week David and Mark discuss the best TV show of ALL time! We are celebrating our 25th episode this week and we thought it would be appropriate to record a mega-episode talking about our favorite TV show ever. Thanks for listening! - 4:30Feelings - 18:30Fun - 23:30…
Hi ghosts and ghouls! Tom and Tay are back with a review of the 2018 horror film Hereditary, and reactions to the trailers for The Nun, Halloween (2018) and Unfriended: Dark Web.
We have an announcement... thank you to everyone who's supported us. See our facebook for the full video.FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL
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