AP 311: Do Something to Unlock the Best Version of You || Bonus Episode to Start 2021 on the Best Foot


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Goals are GREAT.

But, what if you are simply too tuckered out from 2021 to overhaul alllll of the things right now? What if you are empty inside from a year of giving so much, FROM so very little? What if you'd of course like to work on your habits, but you first need to figure out who you are SO that you can decide what those habits should even be?

5 years ago, I accidentally changed my life.

And it wasn't because I made goals. In fact, it was because I made the opposite of goals.

In today's bonus episode, I wanted to provide you with the same path that changed me: Do Something.

You'll hear a special recording I made as I taught a Masterclass to my Strive Hive membership group this past week.

They kindly let me share it with you, so that our whole community could be trained the way there were and create their own Do Something Plans for 2021.

I want to re-emphasize here: goals are great. I want you to make them and pursue them.

But the Do Something Plan is a terrific way to marry fulfillment with progress; and you have my full permission to first focus only on what I did five years ago: DO SOMETHING, and unlock the best version of you in the process.

Full transcript HERE!

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