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Eamon Lucas is an American bike racer who has achieved success as a road and crit racer in the USA, racing fixed gear bikes in the Redhook Crit series for the star-studded Specialized Rocket Espresso team, and now in the intense Belgian Kermesse racing scene. Listen in as we discuss the different race tactics and cultural nuances of racing in different regions and formats that have helped Eamon be successful.

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TrainerRoad mobile app and Adaptive Training Update 00:52 Eamon’s background in cycling 2:02 Does racing fixed gear crits make you a better bike handler? 7:46 Why did Eamon go to Europe to race? 9:25 What are Belgian Kermesse races? 11:41 How does racing in Europe differ from the US? 17:42 How to deal with negative racing 28:52 What are the best race-winning strategies, and how are they different? 41:29 How to learn from tactical mistakes 48:03 Do you need to change your power profile to be a successful racer? 58:34 What are Eamon’s future goals? 1:04:34

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